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Year 1 poetry unit 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by puddle, May 29, 2008.

  1. My mind has turned to mush.
    I am getting nowhere with this planning. I have been sat in front of the computer for hours now and im no further on than I would have been if i had watched films all afternoon.
    In fact, I could cry!

    Im either going to use weather or food as my theme.

    Any kind people help a sobbing wreck?!
  2. Hi, our theme this term is 'seaside' so I have ordered 'seaside poems' from bookdepository (no postage)and will dip into this for speaking and listening. It is suggested in the LCP file that the children write an acrostic poem using the word seaside about things they do there - we will explore poetic language, finding powerful words for descriptions and talk about creating pictures in the reader's head. We will also look at Shirley Hughes' poems including sand in the sandwiches - which I've just looked for and cant find! Thats the creative bit done - its getting it down on plans that takes the time. Good luck.
  3. By the way I have just googled sand in the sandwiches and got a direct hit to a poetry site specialising in ocean poems. We might use this poem to act out in small groups deciding on different characters to illustrate the words.

  4. Seaside by Shirley Hughes

    Sand in the sandwiches,
    Sand in the tea,
    Flat, wet sand running
    Down to the sea.
    Pools full of seaweed,
    Shells and stones,
    Damp bathing suits
    And ice-cream cones.
    Waves pouring in
    To a sand-castle moat.
    Mend the defences!
    Now we're afloat!
    Water's for splashing,
    Sand is for play,
    A day by the sea
    Is the best kind of day.

    from http://www.k12.hi.us/~shasincl/poems_ocean.html
    Loads of ocean poems
  5. Whoops - youre too fast! I think you got the same site.
    I agree - the ideas are the easy bit its the getting it down on plans that really is getting to me.

    Thank you for your response - much appreciated
  6. ahem....... UP (please)
  7. I did weather!

    Having planned it myself I now realised that hamilton have the plans for this!!!

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