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Year 1 poems using the senses and Ourselves topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by erialcrobo, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. erialcrobo

    erialcrobo New commenter

    Hi guys, arghhhh its 10.30 pm on Saturday night and I am really struggling! I am after some ideas as to what to do for this unit but also want to link it to 'Ourselves' topic??? Any ideas anyone? Please help.....

  2. inq


    We used this one
    We did do it as part of our rhyming poetry unit at the end of the year and they ended up writing their own version of the poem of things they could see/ hear etc.

    We did another one too - I'll see if I can find it!
  3. inq


    If you go to that link and keep scrolling down you get to a poem called 'Look what my body can do!' That was the other poem we used.
  4. Thank you Ing. Can anyone tell me what kind of activities you did? I find it hard to make poetry fun!?
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    When I did this unit I used 'The Magic Seashell' (I've e-mailed you a copy) and adapted it to 'When I walk in Autumn leaves... I can see...., I can hear....etc
    I did the unit when we looked at senses in science.
    We started off looking at images of woods/trees in Autumn and discussing the colours, shapes etc they could see. I also showed clips of forests in Autumn and we talked about the sounds. I wrote the words the children generated onto large Autumn leaf outlines (one for each sense) to build up word banks.
    In their groups they had piles of Autumn leaves to touch, smell etc and wrote their own words on small leaves. I also had some outside in big trays that they could walk through in bare feet. Ideally I would have taken them to a wood but there isn't one close to school.
    Once we'd got word banks we started writing a class poem and then their own individual poem on a leaf outline.
    When I walk in Autumn leaves...
    I've also used the same poem to write 'When I play in the classroom sand...'
  6. Thanks, that is a really lovely idea and it would tie in well as I plan to cover the 'senses' science unit during the same week.[​IMG]
  7. inq


    We did lots of rhyming games and changing the last word of songs like Humpty Dumpty and then gradually looked at what else would rhyme with the last word - -even if it didn't make sense and gradually worked from there. I'm sorry I haven't got last year's literacy planning at home but it was quite successful.
  8. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    comenius- that sounds like a lovely idea. Please could I be cheeky and ask for a copy of your planning as well. Thanks

  9. I love the senses website above - very useful - thanks for putting that on here!
  10. Hello - I know that this post was last years but is there anyway I could be realy cheeky and also ask for the wonderful resources that could be used for Yr 1 Poetry Unit - using the senses? I am an NQT and I have been panicking about how to tackle this unit. I am also trying to link this with the science topic of "ourselves" =)
    Any help will be greatly appreciated! My email address is: hollieprescott@yahoo.co.uk.
  11. Hello!
    I used poems about jelly and popcorn, I had a microwave in my classroom and we used all of our senses to explore the popcorn - listened to it popping in the microwave etc. It worked really well and I got some fantastic work out of it. Hope this helps x
  12. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  13. Is it possible i could havea copy of the magic seashell please
  14. I know this thread is from a long time ago... currently scouring the net for wintery/arctic poems and struggling! if possible and you still have a copy please could you send me a copy of in my magic seashell to use as a base as i spotted in your frozen planet literacy plan? a.i.m.i@hotmail.co.uk.

    Thanks so much... think the mince pies this christmas have gone to my head as I'm struggling for ideas!!
  15. Did you have any feed back about this poem.If so could you send me a copy please as I am basing my literacy on some ideas from frozen planet.Its great!

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