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Year 1 Phonics assessment today!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ESLAB, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. If you stated that day to your LA they may come in on 19th and do an admin check. We had one on Friday morning as part of the 10% of schools being checked. My Head had to show where the key was, unlock the cupboard and show the materials had been checked off and had not been opened. We had to show the rooms where the check was being administered to ensure it was a familiar and comfortable room etc. Lots of boxes were then ticked off! I hope people don't open before just in case they are checked. Apparently has to be reported to the standards agency.
  2. Thanks for sharing HeartKOL! I think that more rigorous phonics tracking at our school will be one of the good things that comes out of this screening check - I have been puzzling over our current system of phonics assessment tbh! Mine enjoyed the check too, however their application of phonics could obviously be improved. Application station area sounds interesting ... Just hope we have room for similar creativity when we start with RWI. Out of interest, did you do your practice check 1-to-1 with individuals? If so, did you need to get cover sorted?
  3. We literally stopped every 2 pages for a run around or a talk about the aliens what they looked like etc.
    It wasn't 40minutes none stop. These children have already been identified. When asked if they wanted to stop they didn't want to so we continued until the end. They were fine and happy! Thats all that matters.
  4. No problem - the Application Station is an idea I put in place from a phonics course I went on by Anna Lucas who is a phonics specialist, it is a small area full of phonic games we either have in school or ones I've made myself such as phoneme spotters, spelling choice detective pictures etc etc and I make sure there is an independent activity each week for each of the phonics groups in my class (ranges from Phase 3-5) - the children really enjoy choosing something from the Application Station and are always keen to show their work at the end of lessons! I did the phonic checks 1-1 with my children - luckily I was given all day out of class to do them and a supply teacher covered my class. I have Wednesday too for children that havn't been in today so fingers crossed they are in on Wed!
  5. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    Year 1 children should be on Turquoise by the end of Year 1, so I would expect a green band not to pass.
  6. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    If they are getting it eventually, do you think there was a reason they would keep trying? I know one of mine kept looking at me for facial cues. Or could they see you ticking off when they got it correct?
  7. They kept sounding the word out again and again until they could hear the word to blend it together.
  8. Jammy-Dodger

    Jammy-Dodger New commenter

    I think I'm being moderated - apparently they phoned up today to ask when I was planning on doing the test, and said to select a confident child who wouldn't be put off by an extra adult "just in case someone happens to be there!"
  9. kbewell

    kbewell New commenter

    I have to say it made e laugh.
  10. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    So are you saying they did that for the alien words too?
  11. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Just had a thought - it is actually called a 'Phonics assessment', is there somewhere which guides us as to how this relates to their actual reading? It's just we're always being told that synthetic phonics is just part of the puzzle of learning to read, so how much weight will be put on this assessment? Are any of you going to be altering your on-going assessment levels to take this in to account. How DO we answer questions from parents when we have assessed their reading as being a 1a, and in the same breath say but they failed their phonics assessment? Any wise words for a NQT would be appreciated.
  12. kbewell

    kbewell New commenter

    I am disappointed by the pass rate in my class but am more upset that it is a pass or fail and that the information isn't useful to teachers . If it ssid that if they score 20 out of 40 they are secure phase 3 or 30 out of 40 secure phase 4 for example. Or a score of between 10 and 15 indicates a level 1c reader a score of 15 to 20 indicates a 1b reader. Tat would at least go towards the evidence for teacher assessments.
  13. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    One of mine looked at a word on the last page and said to me I'm going to break that up, but that's a reading strategy. I guess I should have told her to stop and decode the word. ;)
  14. None! I know because I ended every assessment with that very question! Luckily there were some helpful examples of ones with aliens on the front of the booklet to help! Was the same for several other words in the booklet - I am taking two musical examples in particular in tomorrow to show them! (Have starred in the original quote in case it is pulled by mods - not sure what the 'rules' are on divulging words before the end of the test period!)
    And yes - modgepodge - your second example was easily worked out by mine too. Typical government test which had some easier questions at the end!
  15. Good call! Hadn't thought of that. My daughter came home from
    Year 1 today saying she had had to read lots of real and silly words some with pictures of aliens on but they were not the ssme words as I had been doing today. She was quite adamant about all of this. I think her school opened the papers today but will do it on Friday when they have coached them all week. Any thoughts?
  16. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions!!
    You can download sample pages off the net to practice which have aliens on them and look exactly like the real test.
    Furthermore there are spot checks by LEA being carried out to check papers are not opened before the test.

  17. This is interesting as its my first year in Yr 1 and I was given a document at the beginning of the year which related book bands to NC levels (of course it does not relate to APP/AFs...) and expectated end of year attainment. Turquoise is at the upper end of the 'Normal range of achievement' but the 'majority of children would be secure between yellow and orange'. There seems a lot of flexibility within this range but it definitely suggests that the minimum expected book band level is yellow. I would agree that this is too low. But a yellow reader is wildly different to a child who acheives 80% on today's check. The wording for this check that will be reported back to parents is 'has/has not acheived the expected level for the end of Year 1' - this would suggest the majority of children achieve this (as in 2b is the expected level for the end of Year 2, therefore the expected level by the end of Year 1 is a 1b/a). What is the matching expectation for book bands? Am I right in thinking Blue and Green are 1b, while orange and turquoise are 1a (roughly speaking - I know this doesn't necessarily match APP). I would have thought a child working at a 1b for reading was working in line with age related expectations - have I got that wrong? There's such conflicting guidance around!
  18. Good. But I still think others will do just that. I've got 3 classes of year 1's to do, I today, 1 Thursday and 1 Friday so I could do it too if I could be bothered or gave it that much importance!
  19. I don't understand why there was such a fuss about not opening the papers until this morning. We have done some today and will do some tomorrow, but will have to finish next week as the rest of this week is taken up with trips, courses, sports day etc. The complete contents of the test will probably be for sale on the internet by this time next week!
    I'm quite nervous about the results that my class will get. I have 2 statemented children,4 on IEPs for literacy and a couple that I know won't pass. Then there are 3 or 4 who could go either way depending on their mood and suddenly my percentages are not looking too good.
    Today I had a child who is on Gold level books, one of the best readers in the class and G&T in other areas score 32. If he had got one more wrong I would have to explain to his parents that he had failed and he would have to be in an intervention group in Year 2. What would that do to his reading?

  20. So how many teachers will be reading 'The Enormous Vegetable' in the morning and discussing the 'pictures' of the aliens? [​IMG]I was shocked by the pass rate and feel it's quite harsh. Despite following Letters and Sounds, we carried out the assessment with 3 children from Phase 5 group and only 1 passed!!! Now I'm the honest sort who wouldn't want to 'encourage' the children during the assessment but when Benchmarks, teacher assessment, Rising Star assessments etc all say rhe 2 children who failed are 1a and 2c, how can I then say they failed the test to their parents??? I was completely deflated today especially as Ofsted recently said our standards in phonics was good when observing our lessons! I'm worried about carrying out the rest of the assessments in the morning and even more worried about how and in what way to tell the parents!!!

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