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Year 1 Phonics assessment today!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ESLAB, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  2. It didn't tell me anything new either, I could already say who would pass and who wouldn't, had a few surprises from children who are working at Phase 4 who just about managed to pass so that was good. All the children in my group (Phase 5 passed) so out of 27 children I've had 19 that have passed and 8 that have failed - what is the percentage they are looking for? Either way I am pleased with my children, I did the practice test with them 3 or 4 weeks ago and they have all made improvement with some extra extra booster sessions so surely that should be celebrated?
  3. Oh dear the year 1 cohort in my school have't done very well. We've done very little practise of the materials and only about 8 out of 32 children have passed so far and they were the highers and middle ability. Still got to test the lowers. Really disappointing as quite a few children have only just failed with most getting 29 or above. They have made massive improvement from the beginning of the year when the majority couldn't blend but just not good enough. Feel like a **** teacher. We are obviously doing something wrong even though follow RWI.
  4. Yes, they obviously haven't been learning their "Letters and Sounds!!!"
  5. sara2323

    sara2323 New commenter

    Sorry if it is stupid question!
    We're not doing the test until the 20th
    but I wanted to open the pack and check everything is there, it does say
    that the test should not be opened before the 18th, can it be opened now?
  6. yes you can i assume but i guess it would be frowned upon to teach the words to the class before the test!! hehe!
    I would keep it closed till the 20th... you don't need to see it before.

  7. Im not saying you would teach the words to the class by the way!! [​IMG]
  8. Yes you should only open it before you begin testing. Actually what is stopping schools from opening it earlier and testing on a later date when they have seen all the words/sounds on the test?
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    well a couple of non words have already appeared on Mumsnet [​IMG]
  10. I have been lucky enough to have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning to complete the tests this week.
    I have so far completed 7 tests as some children took 30-40minutes to complete. We stopped for little comfort breaks, and the children were working really hard sounding them out even though they failed the test, they did so well. Some of the children I tested today read by sight and therefore made some silly mistakes on the words. I don't really understand the true outcome, what difference is this test going to make to our teaching? We already do daily assessments, termly assessments? Why oh why do we need to do these?

    All my children understand the pseudo words, as they know that they are nonsense and don't make any sense. We have nicknamed them in class silly pseudo words. I found saying that the words were the creatures names were just ridiculous. So far none of my children have been confused with the aliens we have had fun searching for the aliens throughout the book.
    I just think it is a stress that doesn't need to happen. I can predict the children that will pass and so far have been 100% correct.
    A few shockers I must say.

    One thing I have found difficult was the children rushing through the words on the page, not looking back and re-reading the words. This has been extremely frustrating, even when telling the children over and over again last week and every reading session to go back over the word if it doesn't make sense.

    Only 16 more to go!
  11. I did think that about the capital letters but none of the children picked up on it. They did pick up on the repeated pictures though - "they must be brothers!"
    TBH the children in my class love reading and enjoyed this assessment - we were doing it in a room down the corridor from the classroom and the next child was always waiting outside ready (reading a book about the Olympics that was not in the phonic range of the vast majority but they are all fascinated by, especially the swimmer with no arms!) One boy who really did not perform to his true ability went out and told the next child "Ooh you're going to love this, it's really fun!". Our school has a history of strong KS1 and KS2 reading results. We teach phonics alongside other strategies. We nurture a love of reading. Parents have always been happy with their child's reading progress. Am dreading having the same conversation over and over with parents when I have to explain that decoding ability is not the same as reading ability. I expect it won't be such a problem next year as I envisage there being a far heavier emphasis on phonics in Year 1 next year. Will it improve our results for this phonics scr<u>ee</u>ning? Yes. Will it improve our results for KS1 reading the year after? Barely (as they are already good). I am not against phonics and have no doubt adopting a scheme like RWI will help struggling readers. However, it is frustrating to change the system for everyone to support the few.
    One poster mentioned doing <u>practice tests</u> and then having <u>booster groups</u> to accelerate the progress. We have had intervention groups running throughout the year, but this was the first time we have tested in this format. It would be interesting to repeat the procedure in 4 or 5 weeks time and see how the children improve with us continuing the same interventions. I'd also be interested to hear what activties these booster groups focussed on - was it just teaching to the test as often ends up happening with pre-SATs booster groups? These phrases just make my heart sink when talking about 5 yr olds - it's inevitably going to happen I guess, got to play the game.
  12. Thanks Boffle! We had one child in the year group score only 17, despite capably reading 'green' banded books. He truly does read for meaning and self corrects using contextual cues during guided reading.
    It does sound like there's not a great deal of parity in how the tests have been delivered. I've said it on here before: this should have been a nation-wide pilot in its first year.
  13. Snap!
    We're starting this next year...
  14. I predict schools carrying out the test towards the end of the 2 weeks next year!
  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    [​IMG] did they do well or would it have been better to stop?
  16. The booster groups have been going on for a long time, as we meet and update our phonics trackers regularly. I made a practice phonics check on the computer with the materials they sent us and did this 4 weeks ago. This highlighted sounds I already knew children were struggling with but from this I made my own buried treasure games with words containing the sounds highlighted from the check. Myself and my TA spent time with small groups of children playing these games and others and made it really enjoyable for them. I also have an application station area in my classroom that the children love and again I used the sounds they struggle on the focus of the activities in this area. I also used the phonics check robot game on phonicsplay which the children loved to play everyday when we had a spare 5 minutes. My children today really enjoyed coming to do their check because they have grown to love using and applying their phonics in class.
  17. I stopped any child that wasn't getting them - I wouldn't let a child continue for 40 mins!! The"rule book" said a child didn't have to carry on if they were struggling...
  18. I allowed the children to continue as they were taking their time with every word, and would get it eventually which helped with their mark. I do think they should be levelled/graded instead of just a pass/fail.

    If they were getting distressed (which none were) I would have stopped the test...
    The rest took less than 10 minutes.
  19. TheTinyTeacher

    TheTinyTeacher New commenter

    I don't understand how you could take that long with one child. I spent 20mins with one child, which was the longest but that also included drawing some butterflies and reading Each Peach Pear Plum (they were having a rotten day and needed settling first!).
  20. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm sorry but if they are taking that long to decode each word then they should be identified as needing more input they are obviously struggling with decoding and I can't see how allowing them to continue will benefit the child

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