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Year 1 Phonics assessment today!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ESLAB, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. I will have a 78% pass - I know this even though I haven't finished the test - I already knew who would achieve and who wouldn't...
  2. How do you change the font?
  3. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    In a class of 80% English additional language, then 2 statements, and a third who are on school action plus I am so proud of them all. Not telling me anything new! Think the test is alright but so far those who can get 1 or 2 wrong, or they are getting in the late teens early twenties.
    The pictures are off putting, and are not needed.
    Most of mine said the cursive k as a r so confusing.
    So proud of the child who has made most progress in mine could identify the initial sounds in all the words.
    Those who were expected to get all have!!!! Laughing about the spelling mistake in the pack 'screening' was pelt 'screning'. also honestly think 32/40 is harsh, as is pass or fail, why not level them in some way?
    Overall though have to say a waste of time. Supply booked, cost of packs to the government, to tell us what we already know. Am I correct in assuming only 32% of children in the trial schools got it last year?
    All our SLT were out today, when they came back asked how going? Myself and my colleague said ' doing us proud' to which the response was 'ohhhh can not be too good as raise online etc' then when said how many were passing ' ohhhhhh need to make sure not to bad scores' can't win!!!!
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    There is an electronic version to download from NCA tools which gives you different options.
  5. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Have to ask...what's to stop any individual teacher just faking results for their kids? Is this done as a 1-to-1 session? With the pressures that teachers are under nowadays, I bet there will be plenty who fake at least one 'pass'...
  6. flossy-fluffy

    flossy-fluffy New commenter

    I will be lucky to get 17 out of 30 so a bit disheartened really. Have still got a few more to do tomorrow. Some of those that didn't pass were very close though, 4 of them getting 30! I do think some of the pseudo words were off putting. I am expecting a raft of parents wanting to see me when they get the results!
  7. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    What would be the point? I had no surprises today. The ones that can't do it, just can't do it and everyone knows they can't do it! I only had 2 that got 31 and they weren't in my phase 5 group so getting that many right was a blessing. No point in adding an extra right answer to boost my results.
  8. Ditto, ditto ditto- nothing unexpected and yes, a couple of the words and non words chosen confused mine. We had a bit of children trying to make pseudo-words into real words- despite nonsense words being nothing new- and some of the real words they didn't know which also threw them.
    My pass rate is quite low, about 30 % but there are various reasons for that!

    Total waste of time and money but at least we've done it!

  9. Kerryel

    Kerryel New commenter

    Same here. The ones who struggled were the ones I knew would struggle, the ones who could do it were the ones I knew could do it. Nice of the government to spend all that time and money so I could find out what I'd already found out anyway. Do they think we don't assess as part of our every day cycle of teaching and learning?! Perhaps they'd like to do a bit of research before they spend a load of money on a pointless activity. Muppets.
  10. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Well I have a different view to the posts so far - I think mine had a few surprises, both ways! One child who I would level as a 1b, achieved 38 because he decoded every word and did MUCH better than I would have thought, so the format worked for him. Then 2 of my readers who I would level as being secure 1a both only got 30 and 31, and so failed. Interestingly enough, the majority of fails were the nonsense words - some because they were trying to make them in to real words and some because they were just completely wrong... Overall, a third of mine 'failed' and yet on a day to day basis I am only concerned with 2 not achieving national standards at the end of the year. So where does that leave my assessment? As in, my reports will be saying 'on track, doing well, making solid progress' etc, BUT 'your child has not reached the expected level'! Not great!
  11. I am dreading this! My school had already identified that phonics was an area that needed improvement so we are introducing Read Write Inc next year. Looking at my results and hearing what others are saying on here, am feeling totally demoralised. Unlike most on here seem to be saying, my children really enjoyed the activity - loved the aliens and wanted to talk about them as well as read the words. They did get the idea of non-words and generally did not try to turn these into real words (except one of the non-words - am assuming that as others haven't given it away, I can't either! But reverse two of the letters and you have a real word, hence quite a lot of children read it as the real word). What tripped several children up was the assumption that the real words would be familiar - there were at least 3 'real words' which were not familiar to the children at all.
    Despite the children enjoying the assessment process, my results are depressing. I thought the pass rate was really high - achieving 80% (32 out of 40) in Yr 6 would be a level 5, but in Year 1 it is the 'expected level' and everyone below has 'failed'. For example, I have 2 children who have achieved 77.5% on this test, yet I have to inform their parents that they have not met the expected level for the end of Year 1. I would have thought the pass rate should have been more acheivable as only 8 errors in 40 seems quite harsh for a maximum error rate. But it seems most of you found the pass rate ok, so am now dreading the fallout from this even more :(
    Am also surprised at the number of people on here saying they only did some today - I was given a day to get the whole lot done. If there is a standard benchmark pass rate, shouldn't there be a standard method of delivery?
    Finally, there were quite a few threads on here concerned about the idea of 'plausible pronunications' and the margin for discretion here. Actually, the words chosen seemed ok for this. However, there was one word which was given only one plasuible pronunication but I would question it. If I can't say the word on here, can I inbox someone my query?? Ta!
  12. I was appalled at the spelling mistake - all this money spent
  13. lotka

    lotka New commenter

    We have the whole of this week to complete the test, so I'm doing it over three mornings. I also feel that parents will be disappointed with the results. Their children may have made good progress, but it's obviously not enough to 'pass'.
  14. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    The fact that the alien 'names' don't have capital letters, the ridiculous 'k' that my children mistook for a 'h', the confusing reversal of phonemes in alien names, the alien name that's not a real word, but happens to be the name of a child in my class, the fact that two of my SEN children took half-an-hour to do it because they were more interested in talking about the alien pictures, no use of some phonemes, but repeated-use of others, all leads to a very irritated Miss Warmandfuzzy tonight! Not looking forward to tomorrow! The fact that I started with a more-able reader, who tripped over a simple mistake, and then went onto my less-able surely explains that I know my children already! Gggrrrrrrrrrrr.......
  15. just_keep_swimming you are not alone! Thank goodness someone else thought it was high! I was getting very disheartened reading the others posts. I only did half my class today and had a very poor pass rate, only 30%. Some of course were not shocks, but others as you said very competent readers (solid 1As) who just missed out. High 20s or low 30s. I'm feeling like a completely rubbish teacher. They were definitely confused by the nonsense words, even though we use these frequently in our phonics lessons.
    I'm dreading the parental response also. I believe in phonics as a great way for many children, but it is not the only way children read and many of mine are whole word readers or read for meaning in the sentence.
  16. coffeecakes

    coffeecakes New commenter

    Please can somebody give me a link to the electronic version?
  17. TheTinyTeacher

    TheTinyTeacher New commenter

    I took them with my class today and was also disheartened. It seemed having a larger exposure to written material stood the children at a disadvantage as they were so desperate to make real words (although they have had plenty of practice with non-words). Also, those aliens were a nightmare - I ended up covering them up as my SEN decided to start using wow words to describe the aliens - fantastic wow words but of no help to their phonics! I don't think the test was truly representative of what they can do and I hope it is not bound to stay.
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    (they are types of ailens not their namesso don't need capitals)
    it's the style we use so suited our children but I did check this morning in case I had to download and change the font.
    My statemented child took about 2 mins and was very proud of himself (0/40)
    I have to say they all seemed to enjoy it and there was some "when is it my turn?" and "am I next miss?"
  19. Some of ours passed but are so mechanic and rely on decoding to such an extend that they don't understand much of what they are reading.
    Some of ours failed but are reading chapter books - they aren't strong phonic decoders but are sight readers.
    Phonics is NOT the only element of learning to read and it makes me cross that they are insisting it is.
  20. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I've heard it all now. These parents really should be shot.
    I managed to get through all mine today. 19/29 'passed' I can't be ***** to work it out, but it was what I was expecting. Several of my good readers really didn't like the pseudo words, even though we've been playing Obb and Bob since September. They could read them, but didn't really see the point of doing so. One of my poor readers took ages but managed a decent score of 26- pity it's a FAIL when for him, it's a great achievement.

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