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Year 1 numeracy interview- please help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ani, May 16, 2008.

  1. Ani


    I know about LO and SC and all that. My worry is now that doubling machine game would be too much like a work sheet, any ideas of how to make it more practical and agme like?
  2. Ani


    I've totally lost the plot now- my ideas are jumbled and either too uncomplicated ot too complicated and i can't seem to find middle ground! going to eat some food and see if that helps- advice very much needed, please!!!
  3. Hi again Ani,
    Your doubles lesson sounds fun! What would the kids do at the tables? or is it just a carpet activity session?
    It sounds to me that its time to stop the debating and stick to an idea and put everything you can into that idea!
    have you heard of ping pong? great one for practicing the quick recall of number facts!
    teacher says ping, kids say pong, repeat afew times. Then say for example double 1 kids respond with the answer 2 - the game is meant to be quick and the kids love the competition between you and them! you could even get a ping pong bat to use too!
    Will have more of a think and see how your doing later..good luck and try to do something nice today as well as this!
  4. Ani


    keep smiling thanks! I did stop debating and came up with a plan! my husband was getting fed up with me going round in cirlces!
    Ok here goes puppet lost his special double numbers ned to find them- review knowledge check understand that to double is to add it to itself. 5 ish mins then main smoky's doubles are on the tables split into groups of 3/4 (will obviously be mixed ability) and they go to tables and play game: the doubles are spread on table (on dragon cards) their partners are on knoght cards in a pile- take it in turns to pick the top card from the pile and find its double from the dragons will have counters there so they have help if need to add up. just 10 mins
    back to carpet to revie on IWB say phew puppet now has all his special cards back- thank you! listen and join in with doubling machine song. 5 mins

    i do like the ping pong game idea but not sure where i could fit it in as lesson must be 25 to 30 mins

    will use thumbs up and down as continuing assessment throughout.

    my current thing is the key vocab that relates to doubling!
  5. Sounds great! Ping pong game might be a good plenary for your lesson.
  6. Ani


    Thanks Nutty06
    I think maybe then I'll be a very quick review to ensure they grasped the smaller numbers and then do ping pong for a couple of numbers including some big ones, doubling machine song can just be a fun extra as we finish off- whole thing shouldn't be more than 30 mins. I can always leave song out if we run out of time and explain that I decided not to do it because at the time game seemed more appropriate or i could leave it off my plan and decided during the lesson if it would fit or not.

    Thank you all so so much- im goingto get my laminating done and go and see soem friends later to chill!
  7. Good luck and I hope you are successful! Have a brilliant rest of the day!
  8. Ani


    thanks nutty06 i've emailed you, i just need reassurance becasue i still have time to change things! would love this job!
  9. You have mail back and it is fine! Good luck with it!
  10. Ani


    the more advice the better so i'd love you to have a look!
  11. hiya, that sounds a great lesson! I like the idea of the puppet and the theme to it too.

    I know what you mean about having an idea and then keep changing it - i keep thinking of things to add to mine but getting complicated so not going to bother now! Need to just do it and leave it!

    Good luck x
  12. Ani


    thanks queenie! I've stopped stressing quite so much now- i'm a great teacher and have to keep telling myself that if they don't see it then i'm not for them!
  13. I really hope it goes well for you and what a good attitude to have! Good luck!
  14. Hi again Ani,
    Hope your lesson went well - it sounded great! So if you weren't successful it's their lose and if you were congrats!
  15. hiya, just wondering how it went?

    Second what Nutty and keepsmiling say! xxx

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