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Year 1 Num Ob - Sharing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by LittleMz_Sunshine, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a numeracy ob about sharing with Year 1 for 30 mins for a job interview!

    Can anyone help?

    I thought I'd start wi a practical activity i.e. football players that need to be split into 2teams.

    I can't think of what to do as independent activities esp as I don't know the abilities of the chi.

    Would really appreciate any help!
  2. You could have probs to do with money, sharing pennies.

    Also think sharing is good with food - e.g. sharing sweets, cutting a cake into equal sections, pouring a drink into 2 equal cups - this expands sharing from number into measures etc, also practical and ch will love it. HEALTH WARNING though - allergies - especailly if you don't know the children.

    Could do sharing animals into pens - pics of pigs/cows whatever - can they share them equally into 2 pens this can be easily extended to more pens/more animals and having some left over for the more able. Can work in pairs or alone, practically moving objects - can model with children first.If you really want to go the whole hog you can be in role as the farmer that needs help, with a hat etc.

    Sorry a lot of ideas all jumbled up, just typed as i thought. Hope this gives you some ideas.

  3. Thanx

    How would u set up activities?
  4. Possibly get them working in small groups of maybe 3. Be very practical and maybe have them working with practical objects on their tables. Are you going to get them to group into 2 groups or extend it? Use toys, animals, etc... If you don't have pens then use coloured paper to represent the pens. Or have little boxes for them to sort in.
  5. Start with context - pic of farmer and farm on IWB to make it relevant - speech bubble specifying the problem 'I have got 10 pigs and need to share them into 2 pens'

    You could have pig masks for 10 children and model sharing them 'one here, one there' etc.
    Then some other examples - ask a child to come and sort the pigs.

    Then for independent:
    From what you assess during starter split into 3 groups/ or let them choose based on how well they understood. e.g. if you are feeling green (totally nderstand), amber (need a bit more practise) red (dont get it.

    Then give 3 differentitated problems
    LA (red) practically sharing animals into 2 pens
    AA (amber)sharing into 3/4 pens
    HA (green) sharing with remainders

    In their group, or with another person in their group - solve the problem - using pics to share or drawing if they wish.

    You to support paris who need help. Provide each group with a challenge if they complete the main task - children wll respond really well to this.

    I'm not saying this is perfect and for an interview could do with refining but I think practical sharing with a partner to enhance discussion will be a hit.
  6. Thank u so much!

    Really appreciate it!!!

  7. Pig masks on **********. What a good lesson idea there!!
  8. magictractor

    magictractor New commenter

    Thank you for posting this a few years ago, it is a really nice lesson that I think my children will respond well to.
  9. I would do something physical and on a large scale.- tell them you need them in two teams to play a game or complete a puzzle (it can be anything but make it something quick so it doesnt become the focus). Deliberately split them unevenly so that one team has more people than the other. Ask if it is fair, and if they have been split equally. Ask children for suggestions on how to share equally between two groups - if they dont come up with it, show them the "one here, one there" approach. Encourage counting to check.
    You could then do something on the IWB - dragging animals into pens or anything in any context really, or go straight to focus groups to do some other kind of practical activity.

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