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Year 1 NQT's 2010-2011

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by vs123, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    I know there is general forum with everyone writing their year groups. I think it would be good to start one just for NQT's who are going to be teaching in Year 1. It will be great to share ideas and resources.
    I have just been into my new class today and am a bit overwhelmed at the amount of work I will have to do.
  2. Hello Vicky! [​IMG]
  3. Good idea vs123... I also started today as a yr1 nqt. I didnt spend much time in the class - worked with a group while ct was observed and spend some time in reception with the children I'll have in sept.
    I have time tomorrow to sort out my class while everyone is on school trip - plan to get displays down and banners and labels laminated. Hopefully!
    So much to do!

  4. bozbear

    bozbear New commenter

    I am doing Y1/2 mixed (19 Y1 and 6 Y2) It is maternity cover and having trained in KS2 will be keen to have advice!
  5. Yay a Year 1 NQT thread! I'm going to be in Year 1 in September. Met my class this week, on the whole seem nice but there's 4 boys who are going to need squashing down.. don't think they're going to like me much to start with! :)
  6. Thanks for joining this thread, I think it will be very useful to us all.
    I have a lively class too which will also need squashing in September.
    I also have a Down Syndrome boy who is operating at a very low level. If anyone has any ideas how I deal with him please feel free to suggest things.
  7. Hello, I would like to join! I'm teaching Y1 as of September. I have a child with special needs too (very complex learning difficulties - statement in progress) so would be good to share activity ideas.
  8. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Senior commenter

    I have 6 weeks left of NQT and will be going into year 1! Hope i can join too! I'm going to have to brush up on my phonics knowledge:)
  9. Hi all, I'll join too please. I'm going to be in Year 1 from September, and have so far been in to meet the children a couple of times. They seem like a really nice bunch and I keep getting told that they're the best class the school has had for years! I'm quite looking forward to it, but would definitely appreciate any ideas, especially for group activities for the first few weeks, as I don't have much experience with this age range.

  10. Hey guys,
    I too am a Yr 1 NQT from September. Got a challenging class of 30 and am also pretty overwhelmed at the mo. This is a v. good idea :)

    Liz x
  11. Hello all! I will also be a year 1 NQT in September. Briefly met my class last week, seem like a nice bunch! But they are going from a massive foundation stage with lots of space and a large outside area to a very small year 1 classroom with a carpet area, tables and no space for anything else! going to have to be inventive to make it a smooth transtition - any ideas how I can keep some of the different areas going with such limited space?

  12. Is it necessary to have a chair for every child? Could just have two tables for focused group work and when some children are doing this the others could be accessing the continuous provision, therefore, freeing you up for space, at least for the first half term/term anyway. Depends on your teaching style though and what you would be comfortable with. Just an idea!
  13. I've got a small classroom too. Do you have another year 1 class in the school? In my school we have a corridor between the Year 1 classes so we will be using this corridor as our role play area, to give us more room in the classroom.
    I'm currently working part time as a Nursery teacher so I'm hoping having to be very creative in the Nursery will help me with the transistion period.
    I meet my class on Tuesday, very excited! I have my last day with my Nursery children on Wednesday, looking forward to the teddy bear picnic.
    Good luck!
  14. I am going to be teaching Y1 as an NQT in september also, and I too have got a very small classroom! I was thinking of having fewer chairs/tables because I want to have a role play area and other areas of continuous provision but I'm not sure what the school would think about it. The current year 1 classes (there are three altogether) just have tables and carpet. All the classrooms are quite pokey. Don't want to rock the boat too much as i'm new, but im very tempted to get rid of a few tables to free up some space!

    well done to everyone, good luck in september!
  15. Im going into my 3rd year of teaching in KS1. Here's some tips/ideas (in a nutshell as ive got to go to the vets shortly!)
    Behaviour Strategies: Stickers. Praise. Happy/Sad side with warnings first. For silence I ring a windchime, countdown from 10, then ask for them to show me 10 wiggly fingers (or 6 + 4 wiggly fingers etc to practice numeracy). Anyone talking after that goes on sad side. I count down from 10 for almost everything as that gives them plenty of chance. Lining Up I walk up the line tapping heads and saying "smart..smart..not smart..". I also put a secret walker/stander in my head and tell them It is a secret but I am watching one person. After we get back afterwards, I tell them who it was and if that person was smart they get stickers. Any fussing I put a hand up and say "Unless its very important Im busy." because they will fuss about EVERYTHING. I encourage independance by telling them to sort squabbles etc out themselves if possible. I never let them go to the carpet during carpet sessions unless they are obviously very desperate because otherwise everyone else goes. They have spaces on the carpet for each child as they will chatter constantly if next to the wrong people.

    Games and time fillers: The 1 minute game - i hold a clock and they have to count silently to 60 and stand up when they think a minute has passed. Sleeping Lions - all find a space and lie down. If they move they're out (This can last AGES!). Heads down thumbs up. Pink fluffy knickers (One child in middle, others each ask child in middle a question in turn - child HAS to respond "Pink fluffy knickers" without giggling. If they giggle they're out) Elevens- All stand up. Child can either count 1,2 or 3 more but if they say 11 they are out. Squeak piggy squeak - One child goes and faces a wall. I point to a child who says squaeak piggy squeak in a funny voice. Person comes back and had 3 guesses.

  16. Hi
    I also have a year one class in Sept, does anyone have any ideas for planing boards for continuous provision?
  17. Count me in please!
  18. Great ideas Impulce, if you think of any more please post them.
    Hope things went well at the vets.
  19. Hi all,
    I too am an NQT starting in Year 1 in September - this post is a great idea and I hope we can all share ideas and get some moral support from each other! Anyone else slightly worried about the first week...what to expect, what to do, what to have on the display boards? Sarah :)
  20. Snap, I've just had yr 5/6 on my last placement and now I've got yr 1so it's a massive change for me, I've only really taught KS1 whilst in France on my 3rd year placement, which is nothing like over here.
    I'm covering maternity for 1 term (possibly to be extended). I've been into school today and met most of my class in bits and bobs, as they're split across 3 FS classes. I'm going back in tomorrow for transition time to get to know my class for about 30-40mins.I'm planning on playing some form of name game with them to try and learn some names before summer, then take photos to stick on their personal targets (an idea from the previous class teacher) and finish with a nice story.
    I think I'm lucky because there are two yr 1 classes and we share a 3rd, middle classroom for a role play/art/d&t where the children have a free run between all the rooms at certain times in the day.
    Our first topic is Fire which should be fun as we're going to make a camp fire role play area and teach camp songs (very exciting as I have done Camp America and love camp songs!)

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