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Year 1 NQT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sonyasjones, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all NQTs. I am looking for any NQTs who are starting in year 1. I thought it would be a good idea to share resources, lessons,
    problems etc.

  2. LittleMissNQT553

    LittleMissNQT553 New commenter

    I'm going to be in year 1 in September too :). Would love to share ideas etc! Have you been into your school much? x
  3. I went in on the last two days of term and I had my class for a day. How about you? Have you been given much information about your children? I've spoken to their reception teacher about their varying abilities but I have not been given their FS scores so finding it difficult to plan.
  4. I also can't wait to go in to sort out displays however, the school is not open until a week before the children return due to refurbishments so I'll have to keep my excitement at bay!
    I've been told that they always start with the topic 'our school/ourselves' - I've managed to find some really good ideas in the resources section.
    I know what you mean about being seen to be doing what all the experienced teachers are doing!
    I'm in a form entry so I do not have anyone to bounce ideas off.

  5. LittleMissNQT553

    LittleMissNQT553 New commenter

    Hi again,
    I'm in a 2 form entry so have the other year 1 teacher (thankfully). I have been given all the scores and examples of work, a pack per child, with where they should be at the end of year 1 - I guess I am quite lucky! The reception teacher will have all of that though, I just asked [​IMG].
    I went in for about 8 days during the start of the holiday, as I had so much to sort out, the classroom needed completely re-arranging and sorting, so am now relaxing before September.
    Have you got last years plans? That's the best way to plan, as you can just adapt, saving lots of time
    During the first few days, we're just going to do 'get to know you' activities. circle time about holiday, exploring the classroom environment and team building in pe.
  6. I am an NQT starting in year 1 :)
    I went in for about 8 days at the end of the summer term to get used to the school and meet my class.I spent a lot of time in the 2 reception classes with the children, helping with assessments and talking to the teachers as well as observing the year 1/2 teacher alongside whom I will be working so I feel I know the children (and the other y1s who will not be in my class!) very well :)
    I have spent 3 days in school in the holidays-so far all display boards have been backed, furniture has been placed where I want it for continuous provision and the stock cupboard has been cleared out and half sorted through! The teacher whose classroom it was has retired so she left an awful lot of resources for me that I felt I should sort through!
    I still need to finish sorting resources to where I want them and then try to put more things up on the display boards to make it look more inviting!
    My Literacy and Numeracy have been planned for the first 2 weeks, The first science topic 'Ourselves' has been planned for the first half term ( an afternoon a week)... music and PE I am following existing planning, ICT is taught by a specialist with assistance from me so until I speak to them it cant be planned, My topic -Fire and Ice -is to be planned on the first INSET day alongside the y1/2 and y2 teachers!!
    For our Literacy we are going to do 'Labels,lists and captions' for the first week and a half -I plan to get the children to label all of the resources in our classroom! Lists is going to be writing a shopping list linked to maths and money and then for captions I am going to link it to my 'getting to know you' activity. I asked the children to fill a paper bag 'All about me' over the holidays to share in September so they are going to write captions for pictures and objects of their own to display on our 'All about us' display!! :)
    Feeling pretty organised if I am honest, but I know there is still a lot to do!!
    Nervous for the first few weeks! How is everyone else feeling?
  7. Hi again
    Yeah you are lucky to have been given so much. I asked about their scores but I was told that these were not available as they had not been updated.
    I've been given some of last year's plans as examples which have helped. I think I've just started to stress due to last minute nerves!
    Yeah I think I'll do the same during the first few days. I'll also do written observations of these activites to assess their abilities in order to adapt my planning for the following week.
  8. You sound really organised - well done you!
    I'm feeling really nervous and not getting much done. I intend to enjoy the weekend and finish my planning for the first couple of weeks by Tuesday. I Just need to stop trying to invent the wheel and decide on activities for my lessons without spending hours searching the internet for better ideas for activities!
  9. Hi everyone!

    I'm an NQT going into a year 1 class too! We are starting with Stories with Familiar settings in Literacy and houses and homes for topic lessons. I have all of the EYFS scores for the children which has helped me plan groups and set obectives for literacy and numeracy. It's form and a half entry, so some of the units I am teaching are Year 2....all a bit scary and means that I need to start off as soon as possible teaching the units!

    I completed PGCE and was taught absolutely NOTHING about the transition stage from EYFS to KS1, so the first few weeks and days are scaring me!! Does anyone have any suggestions of assessment activities to run in small groups on the 1st few days to assess abilities?? I intend on focusing mainly on literacy, reading and numeracy as well as a general phonics lesson.

    Many thanks,

    B x
  10. Hi,
    This may be useful. All About Me. (It's a free download)
    So good to see such excitement about starting a career in teaching, especially Year 1. That was me in 1986 and I still love the new academic year!
    Good luck.
  11. Thank you bestprimaryteachingresources - you have saved me some time today as I was going to design something similar today to use as a means of assessing the children's abilities and as a display!
  12. Hi franklin89
    Regarding transition from EYFS to KS1, I'm not an expert but my school have told me that they would like me to continue with EYFS provision until half term. They said that I should do a whole class input and have two focus groups working with myself and TA whilst the others are engaged in continuous provisions activites linked to the objective. However, they suggested that I assign children to specific activities according to their developmental needs.

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