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Year 1 literacy book

Discussion in 'English' started by t00060105, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am wondering if someone could help me.I am on a mission to find a good literacy workbook for year 1.Particularly I want it for their writing so there will have to be space on it.
    For Literacy, we do modelling work on the carpet, then the children go back to their table to write about the topic,etc.I paste in the learning objective in all their books as they would take so long to write it in and sometimes stick worksheets into their literacy books.This all takes time and I want to find a book that does this for me and is still in line with the units set out for year 1.
    I looked through a few writing books but there are only challenging them in writing words,what about those more able that can write sentences (especially at this time of the year, I have children in my year 1 class that can write 5 or 6 sentences)

  2. So why not let them write a diary each day about what they did, ate, watched on TV...?
    I am not sure quite what u are after for the others.
    My website www.EnglishSpellingProblems.co.uk has lots of words, from ones with regular pronunciation on the Learning to Read page to all the more problematic ones on the other pages.
    U can select what u need, copy and paste and put them into any font and size u want,
    print them out and stick them in their books for copying.
  3. Thank you both for your advice kinda.I think a diary would get boring for them everyday plus they wouldnt be expanding their vocab.I am looking for a writing book that they can be challenged daily with to complete written exercises.
    Is it too much to ask????

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