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year 1 lesson advice

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by lao, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. lao


    i would like some advice please. ive got an interview this friday (29/06/12) where i have to teach a 30 minutes lesson to year 1.
    i would like to base a literacy activity on the olympics and do a share write on a letter to persuade the mascots to come to the school for their sports day.
    i want to encourage the children to make good points about their school and reasons the mascots should come e.g. we are a very sporty school.
    would year 1 be able to do this?
    i appreciate any advice
    thank you
  2. What experience have you got with KS1? Remember, they are reaching the end of the year, so could almost be treated as early Y2.
    Children can do anything if you give them the tools: if you feel able to deliver this lesson and show the school how great you can be with the class, go for it.
    My main concern is that, by the sounds of things (and I could be wrong!), you are hoping to keep a class of Y1 children on the carpet for 30 minutes. This might end up being a little two-dimensional: make sure you have some energy and a good pace throughout it all. If you've got that in there and you feel happy with your lesson idea, that's great.
  3. lao


    I have some supply experience in KS1 but the lessons are already planned. Good point about them being early year 2, thank you :)
    I was going to do an introduction to the mascots on the carpet and discuss ideas with the children then get them to share write in twos.
    My choices are to teach either maths, science or literacy. Got a few ideas for literacy such as a rhyme game, letter or a mysery box story. Or for maths I was thinking shape or position language using a map then give them individual maps
    thank you for your help
  4. Hope it went well Iao...

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