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Year 1 Interview Lesson- Help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ceriiharrison, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. ceriiharrison

    ceriiharrison New commenter

    I have just finished my BA QTS degree in England and am currently job searching at home in Wales. I have been shortlisted for interview in a Year 1 class (in Wales this being Foundation Stage rather than KS1).

    The criteria states I should teach a 30 min literacy lesson, with an aspect of enhanced provision. My idea is I'm going to read the book 'Cockatoos' by Quentin Blake, tailoring the learning objective around descriptions. There are 30 children in the class and 4 ability groups, the lower/middle group having 12 children in. At the moment, this is my plan:

    Read the book and discuss on the carpet, describe the cockatoos using picture stimulus' both from the book/on PowerPoint.
    HA- Writing personality and physical appearance descriptions with me in focus group
    MA/LMA- Hunt for cockatoos in outdoor area and describe (lower of group assisted by TA) (at the moment this is a large group- this is where I'm stuck, any ideas?)
    L/MA 1- sort pictures of the birds in the 'small world' area e.g. has red feathers/has blue feathers etc and come up with own descriptive criteria
    LA- Design/make a cockatoo in the art area and label with adjectives phonetically.

    Anyone who knows anything about the Welsh Foundation Phase curriculum (or KS1 if this sounds similar) I would be extremely grateful for some guidance just to know whether I'm on the right lines or not? Should I enhance the maths area, even though this is a literacy focussed lesson?


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