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year 1 help

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Lisa2001, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I know there have been many topics on this but have spent ages and not found anything. I have taught year 1 for 3 years now and have been asked to change the way i teach Literacy and Numeracy. Usually i would make sure that in each lesson either myself or TA would have every child to complete an activity linked to the L.O. But our new head would like me to take just one group a day and the same for my TA. But how do you do this? When thinking about it how would you make sure that each child is able to meet the L.O of the lesson? or is it a case of the same L.O for 2 days but how would you fit everything in? I hope someone is able to help me on this as i'm getting rather confused so close to term.
  2. Do LOs have to be 'completed' each day? Somebody once described this as 'the factory method' and it really made me think about what we do in school. Now i am much more relaxed about how I teach because the word 'factory'hit home, having worked in one during holidays many moons ago.
  3. This is something I am struggling with too. I have TA support only one session for maths. I am trying to work with one group a day and offer the children a balance of C Provision but not really sure what to do with other children. If I enhance areas, they won't use and don't want to just send the others to CP as a holding activity.

    Do your guided groups link to main teaching lesson? If so these may change over the week but can't get through everybody for each objective? Julia, would love to hear more about your relaxed approach and how you organise ur class.
  4. I have mixed Reception / Year 1 so, after using additional adults for differentiated input / carpet sessions, all children access the CP areas while myself and TA work with a group each, usually covering two groups for 20 mins each during a 40 min session. We enhance the CP areas with 'Star jobs' for the Year 1 children. (Something they can do independently, linked to the LO for maths or lit- there's usually only one or two per week and when children have completed it, they tick beside their name on a chart on the wall). We don't get stressed about every child 'completing' the LO in each lesson. Each group usually works with an adult twice per week for maths and twice per week for literacy and they are accessing the CP areas for the rest of the time while others are working with the adults. In the summer term, in preparation for Y2, we tweak things a bit. We start to deliver the input, then send one group off to complete a task independently- either set up in one of the areas or sometimes a simple written task or game. Two groups access the CP areas ('choose') while the other two groups each work with an adult. After 20 mins, we change over and the group doing the independent task get to choose, as do the two groups who were working with the adults. The two groups who were choosing come to work with the adults. At this point, we generally start to cover one objective per lesson if it fits. Before this, however, we think in terms of maybe two lit and two maths objectives for the week and the starter inputs are linked over a couple of days. After all, it's not like you'll be covering completely different objectives from one day to the next anyway! They tend to be linked and progressive. Hope this made sense.

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