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year 1 help

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lisa2001, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I know there have been many topics on this but have spent ages and not found anything. I have taught year 1 for 3 years now and have been asked to change the way i teach Literacy and Numeracy.
    Usually i would make sure that in each lesson either myself or TA would have every child to complete an activity linked to the L.O. But our new head would like me to take just one group a day and the same for my TA. But how do you do this?
    When thinking about it how would you make sure that each child is able to meet the L.O of the lesson? or is it a case of the same L.O for 2 days but how would you fit everything in?
    I hope someone is able to help me on this as i'm getting rather confused so close to term.
  2. I am planning to do this with four groups: whole class input for literacy; two groups independent learning (not necessarily literacy), two groups work with TA and me on adult led (meeting LOs); whole class literacy plenary; whole class input for numeracy; other two groups independent learning (not necessarily numeracy) and other two groups work with TA and me on adult led (meeting numeracy LOs); whole class numeracy plenary. Swap this over the next day so everyone has some adult led and some independent learning in the mornings. The LOs may not be the same both days due to differentiation of the groups anyway. I have planned it so each week each child has one adult led liteacy input from me, one from the TA, one numeracy input from me, one numeracy input from the TA and Friday is for target pupils/people absent earlier in the week, etc while the rest are independent learning in my areas round the classroom. This may evolve over time as they settle into year one but I am trialling this till half term...
    Not tried this before so hope it works [​IMG] Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  3. I have year 1 and Year 2 (30 children). I plan to have 5 groups altogether. Everyday, I work with 1 group, TA works with 1 group, 1 group works independently, 1 group does 'Free Writing' or 'Maths Investigation' and 1 group does practical literacy/maths games. Every activity is linked to LO. At beginning of week I will set an investigation/task and every group will have a turn at it so I'm not thinking of new things every day.
    I've already made a few. Use magnetics letters to may descriptive words for a setting etc. I've created a 'free writing' area in class that has funky pens/pencil, lots of different colour writing templates.
    Hoping it all works out.
  4. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    While you work with a group what will the rest of the class be doing? Is it one group for english and one group for maths?
    I have 5 groups and am planning on having 2 mornings with an english focus and 2 mornings with a maths focus, the other morning is PE and guided reading groups. Every group will get an adult focused session each morning (so in a week = 2 english, 2 maths and a guided read). The others will have free use of CP and the outdoor area. In addition there will be 6 challenges each week and the children will have to complete 5 of them in the week (2 english linked to the weeks LO, 2 maths linked to weeks LO and 2 topic based). Initially an adult will support this until they can do it independently.

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