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Year 1 Growing plants and ICT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 1Elmer, May 11, 2011.

  1. I am being observed in Science next week and we are doing an investigation into whether a plant needs light/no light, water/no water. We have to use ICT in the lesson but apart from the intro and plenary I have no idea what to do. The chn will be planting their own seeds and writing up the beginning of the investigation but senior management want to see ICT in the main part of the lesson. We have laptops, activote, digi blu. Any idea? Im really stuck! Thank you
  2. Hello,
    Could you use digital cameras for each group to take a picture of the planting process? The children could take the pictures themselves and they could take one every day to document how their plant is growing. You could then put them altogether and show them almost like a time lapse video of the plants growing (or not as the case might be for the plant without water!).
    I'm not too sure as to what activote and digiblu are, we don't have them, but if you had microphones, could they record what they have done, how they did it and their predictions of what is going to happen?
    Hope this helps!
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Could your focus for the investigation be on the children's predictions and use ICT to do them?
    Maybe the start of the lesson could be setting up the investigation and planting and placing the seeds/plants as a whole class and not having the children write up the beginning of the investigation - you could do this together as a class and you scribe it on a large sheet so it can go on the wall with the predictions.
    This would free up most of the lesson for the ICT bit - you could split the class in two and one half predict the water/no water and the other half predict light/no light and then they could present their predictions to each other on the plenary.
    Working on their own or in pairs they could use a word processing package to make a poster of their predictions - draw what they think will happen, add labels and type in why they think that would happen. These could be printed and displayed with the introduction.
    The more able could use 2simple2animate and create a short animation of their prediction e.g. first page the 2 pots one labelled water, one no water, second page draw what they think they will see in each pot at the end of the investigation. They can label their pictures and add sentences. Maybe add a middle page, so what the pots look like at the start, what they would look like in 1 week, what they would look like at the end.
  4. That sounds very grand! I'm not sure my kids would be able to do that! I have quite a few poor chn who couldn't do that on their own! May be in mixed ability pairs but I need the differentiation.

    Thanks for great ideas!

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