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Year 1 Goldilocks crime scene help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by becci10, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm a student teacher and for my block placement I am going to be teaching Goldilocks and the Three Bears for 2 weeks part of the Traditional Tales unit.
    I would really like to do a pretend crime scene for the children from their role play area, which i hope to change to the three bears' house, but really struggling to work out how I could do this!
    Any help would be appreciative.

  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Come on now, what's to do? 3 chairs & a table and 2 'beds'. Ask the recetion dept to borrow some doll's house playthings if there are none in your class and set up the whole classroom as a courtroom for when you do the evidence.
  3. This can be daunting as a student...but you just need to make a list and shove it there...the children will do the rest...in my class the children also choose their own role play areas and decide on what they'll need and how it should look...if it's tricky, they know they need to have a solution to get it done. The children also decide on the writing/numeracy opportunities in the role play area...so there's no excuse for them going in and doing the same role play over and over and over and over...you get the point :0)
    3 bears house: ** 3 beds/blankets/signs saying "too soft" "too hard" "just right", 2 chairs with signs saying "too big" etc etc...the "missing" chair just needs a sign saying "oops! Too small!". You'll also need a table with 3 bowls of different sizes, a saucepan/pot with a wooden spoon, and maybe even 3 different sized spoons (tea, pudding, serving). Labels saying "smallest/biggest/medium sized" would also be good for numerical comparison/describing language aids.
    Pencils and writing paper for recording details from the crime scene, recipe frames to write about cooking the oats, story paper with a word bank (bears, Goldilocks, beds, bowls, chairs etc.)
    If this can be near a wall...make a window and have the 3 bears peeking in (the children can help make these in 1 lesson...cut out from large card and sponge or stick on scrunched up tissue).
    Maybe set up various fairy tale "Crimes" to solve. Provide a photo of an unmade bed, some black fur (cut off a toy) and a get a letter delivered to you from a local family saying their Granny has gone missing...let the children write letters back to the family explaining what they think has happened etc etc. Always have an 'evidence' table with the evidence in ziplock bags labelled Evidence1, Evidence2, Evidence3 etc as it gets the children very excited that it's authentic.
    Good luck!!!

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