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Year 1 First Term Topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pepperg, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I'm a Year 1 teacher and have been for 3 years. So next term I will be doing my 4th year of Year 1 (obviously). I have done the topic Ourselves/Marvellous Me for 3 years now and I'm getting a little bored with that topic. I have done vairous books (Titch, Don't Do That, What Would We Do Without Missus Mac) and we have looked at ourselves as a baby and growing up and our body parts - all that usual stuff. Has anyone got any ideas to spice it up a bit. My creativity is waining in this area because it needs to be nice a simple but not mundane.
    Anyway, would greatly appreciate your ideas.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. It depends on how much of a 'creative curriculum' you are allowed in your school.
    We do things like space, pirates, superheroes, castles...our first topic this year will be fairgrounds and circuses. Choose something that will excite the children - no offence, but "Ourselves" is a bit of a boring one and I wouldn't be inspired by that if I were 5! But I realise it depends how much freedom your school lets you have with the curriculum.
  3. I am also a bit bored with the 'myself' topic so have decided to do a topic on space in the Autumn term and include the science objectives for Humans and other Animals in this by having the chn write to the aliens to tell them about ourselves and other aspects of life on Earth.
  4. I like that idea. We do space the second half of the Autumn Term. In the last couple of year we have build a 'space craft' and pretended it had crashed on our playing field. I get the local PCSO involved who always tapes off the area with police tape and then we get someone who dresses in a white decorators overall and take it away in the afternoon. The kids love it and we do loads of work around instructions and last year we got a teacher from the local Comp to dress up as an alien and come and visit us - the children wrote stories to help him get back home (his spaceship was fuelled by stories). We do have a lot of scope fro creative stuff you see but I like to keep it really simple in the beginning to get the concept of a sentence before trying to get their describing words going (we spend the rest of the year developing their vocabulary). I don't like to over face them with writing their exciting words down before with have simple sentences.
  5. What do you link fairgrounds and circuses to? We have cross curricular planning so how does that link up?
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    How can learning about 'ourselves' not be exciting?

    Get some simple digital microscopes (TTS have some cheap and easy to use ones) and let children look at hair, skin, nails, etc. If they have scabs, scars and bruises these are also fab.

    To start them off, you could display some enlarged images on the IWB and get children to discuss what they think they are.

    Play some games where one sense is dulled (blidfold/earmuffs/etc) and let children work like that for a morning and see how they get on. They will soon be able to do some amazing writing about what we use each sense for.
  7. We're doing Light, Sound and Forces for science which links nicely to fairground rides.
    History wise - the History of fairs in general, and particularly the Goose Fair site because we are in Nottingham and its history goes back quite a way.
    For Geography we're looking at the Goose Fair site, geographical features of the area, why it moved from its original place, and mapping to plan our own 'dream' fair on the school field.
    Art can link to anything so we'll be doing all sorts.
    DT wise we are going to make model shoebox fairground games (coconut shy etc).
  8. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I do the 'ourselves stuff' through a superheroes topic.

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