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Year 1 class assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by julieroberts, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. My Year 1 class has got to do a class assembly in a few weeks. I don't want to spend ages practising for it but still want it to look half decent. Year groups with older children in always seem to do a brilliant job as their children are able to read or are keen to learn lots of words. Does anyone have any good ideas for what I can do can do with my Year 1's? Our topic is plants so I was thinking of linking it to that but have only managed to come up with a few songs and showing some paintings!
    Any ideas would be grately appreciated.
  2. Act out Jack and the Beanstalk?
    My Year 1's each said a sentence and sang 4 songs together. We also acted out a story. The assembly was about 15-20 minutes long.
    Good luck, hope it goes well and the children have lots of fun!
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I usually end up doing a plant assembly in the summer term. We make big signs for the things plants need to grow and explain each thing and show plants we have grown without water/light etc. We talk about the parts of the plant and what they do. We show different parts of the plant that we eat eg leaves (lettuce), roots (carrots) etc. We learn a rhyme and do actions 'Curl up small your a tiny seed' and sing the song 'Plant a little seed' We show seeds from plants.
    I've probably got a script saved somewhere if you want me to e-mail you it - its basically based around the work we do in science.
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  4. Hi comenius,
    That sounds really good. If you've got a script saved it would be great to have a read of it. My email is julieroberts901@hotmail.com
    Thank you
  5. Hi If you have a script could I have a copy too please, have to do class assembly with y1 in May, not sure how to do it as they are not my class- don't ask!! Would really appreciate a script to work from.
  6. sarahmilly

    sarahmilly New commenter

    I've got a year one class too. The problem is, a lot of them are too quiet and once the rest of the school can't hear them, they tend to switch off...
    For the past couple of assemblies I have recorded the children and made a DVD using movie maker. It sometimes takes a few goes but with some careful editing the children are all able to speak and be heard!!! It has meant that the children all take part and they've also been able to have a DVD to keep forever!!!!! The editing takes a while, depending on how good you are with the program.
    My last assembly took about 4 hours to video (in total, not all in one go!) and about 2 hours to edit.
    Hope that helps!
  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if you still have a copy of that script that you could possibly email me.

    Many thanks,

    Sarah trekkiesarah@yahoo.co.uk
  8. Hello,

    Just wondering if you have a copy of the assembly you discussed above. It sounds exactly like the kind of assembly I want to do with my year 1's in about 6 weeks time. If you get a chance my email is louisa.mellor@hotmail.co.uk .

    Thank you very much
  9. Hi,

    I'm a year 1 teacher, would it be possible please to have your year 1 script for the plant class assembly, I would really appreciate it and would be happy to forward my assemblies from previous year groups (year 6, year 3). My email address is clairecam@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Hi, Sorry I am replying to your message two years later, but do you have the script still for the Year 1 Science class assembly? I have mine a week Tuesday and would really appreciate some help.
    My email is cbartlett31@hotmail.co.uk
    Kind regards,
  11. Hello could I have a copy of the script for the Year 1 plant assembly if you still have it please. Would appreciate having a look at some the ideas you used.

    My email is d.tatton@aol.com

    Thank you very much!!
  12. Hi,

    Would it be possible to email me a copyof your plant script too please. I've been trying to write one for 2 weeks and I'm really struggling. I would really appreciate it.

    My email is lyndsey.pearce@live.com

    Thank you :)
  13. Hi,

    I know its a long shot as this was posted a long time ago but I would really appreciate it if you could send me your script if you still have it?

    My email address is

  14. Hi could i have a copy of the assembly script please if you still have it. Thank you GT 2706

    email is gillian.toy2@ntlworld.com
  15. Hi. Is there any chance I could have a copy of this please if you still have it?


    Thank you

  16. If you still have the script for this and the songs i would be so grateful if you could please email me a copy I'm so stuck for how to do my assembly. my email is hhickman18@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you so much for your help

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