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Year 1 Child initiated learning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jemma88, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I currently teach in reception however I have been offered a job in year one and just wondered how much CIL time your year one classes have?
  2. [​IMG] Hi Jemma
    We run our year one for first term very like reception with short input and small group activities whilst TA/teacher does observations of CIL. many children are still working on aspects of EYFS profile so NC is not appropriate. We use the detailed tracking records to plan over the summer exactly where to pitch our starting point for the autumn term.
    Activities are short taking prob 10 - 15 mins but are variable depending on ability. We build up this time and expectations as the year goes on and also children who are able to be extended in lit and numeracy from early autumn are supported in small groups whilst other activities are available for CIL.
    Year 1 are timetabled to have access to outside and ride ons in Nursery during the afternoons.
    Even in summer term some children will still need more CIL than others. We built in time to allow for problem solving activities which would get them moving and using the outdoors. eg. fantasy texts were chosen whcih included castles and dragons, knights and magic. The children wanted to make a drawbridge for the castle I had made with them for the role play area. they worked on it for the whole afternoon and this gave me the opportunity to observe them and use that info for APP as they were applying many maths skills whilst making their drawbridge!
    Hope this helps. If you have a head who gets the EYFS and understands the need for CIL in Year 1 you should be fine!!+
  3. Is there any official guidance on CIL in Year 1? I would like to have something to show my head. I have been offered a term in Year 1 from September which will, perhaps obviously, include the transition of the new year 1s into a, currently, adult directed environment.
    Your post makes great sense to me as last year there were many issues around children being upset about their movement up into Year 1 at this particular school..

    Thank you!

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