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Year 1 assessment - Help!

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by ktgolden, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all!
    Im an NQT and I got my first job in a year 1 class and I start in 2 weeks time. Ive been given my classes progress to date with all of the children's levels listed. I'm just a little confused as to what some of them mean!
    The first column gives the child's Baseline score in reading, then goes onto Dec 2011, then gives the baseline score for writing then Dec 2011 and finally Numeracy scores.
    Im just a bit confused because some of them say for example -
    Reading Dec 2011 Writing Dec 2011 Maths Dec 2011
    6 1b 4 1b 7 1b
    Which I understand but then confused with children who's says W5 etc?
    Reading Dec 2011 Writing Dec 2011 Maths Dec 2011
    4 W5 4 W4 2 W5

    Can anybody help with what the W5 etc means? Sorry if this is confusing!!

    Thank you! x

  2. I assume the W is meaning working towards level one and the number refers to the early years foundation stage profile points.

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