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year 1/2 school trip

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jellybellysmum, May 8, 2011.

  1. Thanks comenius! I think we would spend the whole trip in a queue for the donkey rides as the other y1 and Y2 class are coming too! Boss not so keen as said depends what they would get out of it for the time there but I think they would have a ball and a day to remember - which for some of our kids is more valuable than any 'lesson'.
  2. what about west kirby?
  3. no one

    no one New commenter

    I thought that the National Trust bit by Formby had toilets and it is only a short walk from the squirrel bit to the beach.
    Blackpool would be good. The Solaris Centre at South Blackpool could possibly do room hire with toilet facilities and then you would be near to a quieter part of the beach, be able to see the sculptures and possibly even the Pleasure Beach if you could afford it. The Pleasure Beach has recently devised a trial for school trips which then adds something extra educationally.
    Or the idea of linking with another school in Blackpool would be interesting and provides a good contrast for both. You would then have a base for your trip if you approached a school near the promenade.
    Have fun!


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