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Year 1/2 School Trip

Discussion in 'Primary' started by aandyr123, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. aandyr123

    aandyr123 New commenter

    I was just wondering if anyone has got any good ideas about where we could take our classes on our school trip. Our head likes us to visit somewhere that will enrich our creative curriculum topic (which is oceans and seas).

    We are based in North West near Bolton/ Burnley.

    Two years ago we went to Blackpool Sealife Centre- but we were not over impressed with the trip as a whole.

    Has anyone got any good ideas?

  2. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    For the life of me I cant think of its name. But a few years ago we went to a red squirell sanctury near Crosby. It was a lovely day. After we had been on the nature hunt... Formby, thats it. we took the children on the beach and they even had a dip!
    I was working in Manchester then and it took about an hour on the coach.
  3. aandyr123

    aandyr123 New commenter

    Thanks for that. Any other ideas?
  4. blue planet aquarium, similar to sea life centre but a bit bigger i think.
  5. aandyr123

    aandyr123 New commenter

    Yea. We have thought about that. Apparently it will take 2 hours on a coach though. A long time for year 1's and year 2's.

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