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Year 1/2 NQTs 2009!!!!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by jmfc2311, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Any more of you out there????
    Or am I all alone? [​IMG]

  2. No, I have year one in Sept, what you worried about??
  3. Ive been a Y1/2 NQT this year if you have any specific questions!
  4. Hi, I have Year 1 in September too. I have been reading through Letters and Sounds a fair bit and having a good look at the new framework so I know what i'll be doing. I'm going into my school for a week soon so hopefully will get more of an idea about what I should be doing then. Feeling a bit clueless!
    What have others been doing to prepare?
  5. I start in year 1 in september - really looking forward to it!!!
  6. I will been an NQT teching a mixed y1/2 class in sept. I'm relly excited but also nervous about coping with yr1s at the transition from foundation stage (should i plan mostly play for first few weeks?) and also coping with a mixed age class. any advice would be appreciated!
  7. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    I'm NQT teaching Y1/2 for September. Not sure what to expect.....[​IMG]
  8. I am an NQT and I will be in Year 1. I am so excited at the prospect of having my own class. I have waited so long for this, it doesnt quite feel real yet!

    Daisy xx :0)
  9. I'm an NQT in Yr 1/2 this September too.
    I've got a massive list of resources and displays I want to have and I also have lots of lovely getting to know you activities planned for the first week or so.
    But other than that I don't have a clue about the important stuff like phonics, NNS + NLS, PSHE or Key Skills for Yr1/2! aaarrrrgggghhh!!! lol!
    I'm going in to meet everyone at the end of next week so hopefully I might actually have a clue what I'm going to be doing as of September.
  10. Hi, I will have a year one class in September and can't wait! trying to think of all the things i need to know and find out as i'm going into school on monday. Does anyone have to do a transfer day? If so any ideas?!!!

  11. Hi,
    did you have to do a transfer day? I'm trying to think of things to do with my new class for transfer day. If you have any hints or tips i would be vrey grateful!!
  12. Keep it simple and just allow them to get used to you, your expectations, and the others in their class.
    Circle time games will give you an idea of confidence levels and ones to watch out for - something simple like "My name is and i like..."
    Maybe a "Passport to year 1" or whichever year, with space for a picture, their name, their age, and a space to write about what they like doing/are good at at school.
    If its year 1 have independant activities on the tables, one crafty activity, one number activity, one small world, one construction.
    Just use the time getting to know them - it doesnt have to be really whizzy, they need time to take it all in.
  13. great ideas!!! I am in Year 2 for my induction. i am excited but nervous!!! lol
  14. I've read through some other threads and copy and pasted some ideas into word so I have them ready for September.

    Here are a few:
    Take a digital photograph of each child (on a blank background) and then print only one half of each photo out in black and white. Using pencils the children then draw the other half of their face. The effect is fantastic and the children love seeing the display on the first day of the new term.
    In KS1: the children make and decorate a name card to go next to their coat hook. Some choose to do it using ICT, others draw etc. The new labels are there for them, next to their coat space, when they return in September.
    Get the children to draw their faces and stuck them on
    1. purple ovals and made a display - We're a grape bunch!
    2. On coloured circles - title - 'There are smarties in this class!'
    3. Take photos and make it into a huge jigsaw.... left a few missing pieces and wrote - 'We all fit together'
    Make bookmarks. Each child writes and decorated their name on one side and on the other drew pictures of their favourite things e.g. pet/animal, sport, character, place, number etc. Then laminated and cut them out. At the beginning of the new school year give them back to the children during their first individual read.
    Make name labels for tables.
    Give each child a piece of A4 card and get them to make a generic Happy Brirthday card with appropriate age on. The children decorate the card and write a general message inside such as 'Happy 7th Birthday from all your friends in 2HH' then throughout the year when it a child's birthday they get to choose one of the cards out of a box and then we have fun identifying who made the card.

    A 'friendship garden'. You make flower templates, 1 child sits in the middle of the circle on a special cushion or beanbag, and the others have to say nice things about them ; a good friend, good at football, a good speller, etc. You write the things they say on the petals, with the child's name in the centre. The flowers go in a 'friendship garden display', with leaves and grass etc. It's especially nice to establish frienships in a new class, say at the beginning of term.
    A jigsaw idea I used was to write a word/ phrase e.g. Welcome to our class in bubble writing then cut out the pieces as if a jigsaw. Give to each child to decorate with what they like (you need an arrow to make sure they are all up the right way). Then "ta da" put them together to spell out a word & to show how well they work as a class & every part is important! This is then put on noticeboard. I numbered the pieces as I cut them, to make putting together easier.

  15. I am an NQT and start teaching in September in a mixed year 1 and 2 class, I am very excited and have so many ideas, but I am also very nervous, I am going in for a meet the teacher morning in a few weeks which will be nice. I have had a look at some of the suggested activities on here which look really good, I shall definately try some of them out!
    One of the main things I am worried about is helping the year 1's with a smooth transition from the foundation stage while at the same time ensuring the year 2's are being challenged at an appropriate level, if anyone has any tips or ideas that would be great! [​IMG]

  16. The first half term is pretty much just getting the children back into work-mode again so use that as transition time. Make sure you have child initiated activities at the tables while you do initial assessments, sort out reading books, and do focus groups. The way we work we have child initiated jobs constantly alongside focus groups as we run KS1 classrooms in a FS way, but if your school doesnt work this way you can gradually faze it out.
  17. Hi I also have a mixed yr 1/2 class in September for my NQT year. I'm lucky because it's in my placement school but I'm still worried about the transition. The school is quite formal in KS1 and i'm not sure how to help my new yr ones settle in. Also the layout - a very tall school with 5 floors means the change is very physical as well with toilets, clasrooms, dining hall and playground all on different levels!
    Can't wait to get started though!
  18. I have yr 1 too and can't wait - it's a lovely age to teach (but also very crazy too!) Is there anything in particular you're worried about? (you will be fine! [​IMG])
  19. I just got a year 2 position today!!! I am extremely excited but also a tad nervous!! I have already met half my class and they are lovely so i am sooo happy. Glad there are some fellow 1/2 NQTs around for advice and idea sharing!! [​IMG]

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