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Year 1/2 maths homework?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ESLAB, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Hi, we are having a re-think at school about our maths homework policy. I wondered what other people do for their maths homework? Any great ideas out there? I have tried the 1 minute mental maths sheets and also sheets with ideas for games and activities - but the feedback is that none of the children seem to be very interested... I have asked the HT about setting up Learning Logs, but he is not interested - insists on it being a 'suggestion for a maths activity'. Anyone got any great ideas/resource suggestions? THANK YOU.
  2. It was lots of work, but we made a maths game library. The games are in plastic zip bags with resources and instructions (simple board games for 1-2-1 moving/counting skills, counter/cover games, 100 square games, turn over cards and keep them when they make 10 when added together, think of a number: higher/lower or yes/no game with a wipe 100 square to help keep track, investigation problem kits, maths detective kits, bingo, addition bingo, subtraction bingo etc etc...we have about 50 games and 100 packs. They are kept in boxes in wallets and all of the children have a star card that they slip in the wallets when they take a game out. They get to choose a game each Friday so that they can enjoy it at the weekend and for the following week if they want it. Then, each Friday before we lend more out we can pull the star cards and know which children have which games still to return. It's no harder than keeping track of library books that are taken in and out, and the children are pros at bringing them in each week. We also make sure that our library book switch day is Friday, so that the children and grown up only have 1 day to remember for everything that has to be returned. The children LOVE the games and often borrow the same ones over and over, and we've had lovely feedback from the parents/families.
  3. this sounds interesting. Where did you get the games to create the packs?
  4. We laminated 100-squares, used normal cheap counters, chucked in die from our class resources, made and laminated bingo cards for number recognition/addition/subtraction/plus ten/minus 10 etc, paid for some snake and ladders type games etc etc. It really wasn't a monetary outlay, but quite a few man hours to get them organised.Every pack has really instructions that we typed and laminated (even for simple games like bingo as we have families that wouldn't know). Now they're all done we just add the odd game here and there as we think of them, but generally it's just re-printing and laminating bits from our laptops - so no big time or resource outlay to keep them rolling.
  5. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Hi, Thanks for your ideas about practical maths games. As a school, we discussed the idea of buying in (can't remember the name of the company) a set of games for each year group and the majority voted against, as they believed the games would not be looked after or returned with pieces missing and the resources would quickly be destroyed (a harsh, but probably fair assessment). So back to other ideas? What do other KS1 teachers give out as maths homework? Thanks for more ideas.
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I give an overall LO that we have covered in the week and then children choose what they do to show it. It isn't a specific objective the way one would have in a lesson, but more a general what we've learned this week idea.

    So things like WALT: use money (lots of photos of children playing shops), or WALT: divide by sharing out (lots of pictures of sharing, fraction work, photos of cutting food) and so on.

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