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Yay!!! Passed induction today :-)

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Bobby_Carrot, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Really pleased. In fact thrilled to bits. Paperwork all completed and sent off.
    Anyone else completed or completing in the next couple of weeks?
  2. Great news. Well done BC. Just signed my part. I think it was sent off today too.
    How lovely eh?
    Just got my class list for next year (they are the ones I taught in reception in my GTP year) and next year is definitely going to be more of a challenge on the behaviour front. I aim to wind down with my Year 2s and chill out completely over the Summer!
    Enjoy the Summer too.
  3. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Ive had my obs, am now just waiting for my mentor to complete the final assessment report. I'm assuming all is ok, there has been no mention of failing at all along the way and my last 4 observations have been good or good with outstanding. It is still a tense time though - I will feel better once the report is done!
  4. I'm just waiting for the head to set a meeting for us to fill in the form. This year has gone so quickly: there have been incredible lows, when it felt like the hell would never end, but also some quite good highs, too.
    It's been a steady uphill climb since about Easter, when things started to get better. I'm ending the year feeling quite positive and really looking forward to next year. I'm already planning my topic for Autumn term, and getting quite excited..... I hope I can switch off during the holidays!
    Well done to everyone who finishes their NQT year this term. It's a wonderful feeling!
  5. I had my final report sent in yesterday too. It has taken me 4 years to complete my induction so I am over the moon. There have been times when I nearly gave up my career because I thought no-one would employ me and mentor me. It's all been done through long term supply jobs and I finally have a job lined up for September which is not supply. However, the supply work has given me lots of great experiences which I may not have had if I'd walked into a full time, permanent job so I'm not slating it, just wish it hadn't taken quite so long lol.

    I've had quite a challenging class this year, in fat their previous class teacher left in November because he couldn't cope with them, but I've met the new kids and think I've got less challenges this year. Still have one kid prone to refusing to work and wandering out of class but I don't think he'll be too bad lol. Bless them all, they all have their quirks and foibles, lol. Gotta love em.

    Congratulations everyone.
  6. Yep, finally just completing induction as well. It has taken two and a half years to complete. I have worked in temporary positions and have completed it on a part time annual contract. Really happy that I have completed it, unfortunately dont have a September job lined up at the moment, but hoping and praying.
    At least don't have the worry of the 16 month rule hanging over, which is the worst thing ever ever, can't stress that enough, really unfair.
    Anyway congratulations to you and all the other lucky, hard working people, that have been given the opportuntity to at least stay in teaching if they wish.
  7. I lost my N and my Q yesterday. Finaly just a T! [​IMG]

    Congrats to everyone!


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