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Y9 pack girls and unrespectful Y8

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by falifae, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I have two Y9 classes and 2 Y8 classes.
    Y9 bottom set: somehow I have managed to deal with their poor behaviour and now can "work" without too many behaviour incident.
    The other group, mainly girls, forms the pack girls. I have observed them in other subjects and they behave "ok/very good". Y8 are just awful and arrogant. Because the HoY believed a student's lies (until my HoD and I gave her evidences of her lies), this group persistently misbehave and do not take things seriously anymore.

    Oh, the teacher who was in this school before, used to cry in front of pupils and was bullied. She, of course left the school, and now the students have decided it was my turn to cry. It will never happen, believe me. They are still asking me, miss are you going to cry? (With a nasty smile). My HoD says that these groups are "disgusting"! Now my question is how can I improve this situation? I want to start again with a good and fresh behaviour management after Christmas but I want to prepare a good learning environment.
    No matter the seating plan, no matter the sanctions, they ignore the rules as soon as they arrive in MFL department. Although I was told to carry on as it was better and they could see the improvement. But to me it is not acceptable to raise my voice because they want to set their rules!
    Any tips please? Oh, I am an NQT :)

    your helps and advices will be much appreciated, thank you.
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Without more support and tougher sanctions from your HoD or the Head Teacher, I think you will find it difficult to improve things. Do all the parents know? Aren't there any parents who will intervene? I woud move any of the well behaved students out into other classe, and then work on th social skill of the rest with the parents' involvement. Failing all your attempts to improve things, you can look for another post. It is not a failure on your part to move schools: there are simply some schools that will not take steps to improve the behaviour of the students. Character development is what these kids need and some strong discipline from the people who have the power to do something about it - in other words the Head of the school.

  3. Create routines - keep them busy from the moment they arrive. Involve the parents. Most will respond positiviely if you get the point across that you want them to do well and succeed. Ask for support and record that you have done so. Try to find out how others deal wiith them - observations. your almost certainly not on your own even though it feels like it! I've been there and I hva emore years than your self by just a few! Remain positive. When reflecting look for the poitives that you did. do not salte oyurself if they are the ones not buying inot the message.
    your HoD and HoY should also be actively involved in resolving this as they will reap the benfits eventually. Usually classes like this back off once they realise you are more determined than them.
    As with all kids do nont make threats you canot or will not carry out! Keep your word - detention, phone calls etc. what are the school sanctions. speak with your Inducion Mentor and Tutor. they have a huge part to play. (That is one of my roles).
    If they are labled disgusting they will be disgusting - self fulfilling prophecy!!!! Dangerous territory. Be careful to take advice from people who will give a positive response with genuine advice and offers of help. otherwise they will cause more conflict through their own negativity!
    Hope this is of some help!

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