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Y7 Reading Assessment

Discussion in 'English' started by Primrose11, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Primrose11

    Primrose11 New commenter


    I am new to a Head of English role in a middle school. Currently, we don't appear to have anything in place to assess the reading attainment/progress of our Y7 pupils, other than the GL Assessment they sit in September and July. Last year, the school tried administering the AQA Y7 pilot paper but found that it was such a huge jump from KS2 that the pupils found it too difficult. I was just wondering what else people used in their schools to assess reading amongst KS3 pupils. Any guidance would be really appreciated! Many thanks!
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    You already assess them twice a year, right? Is there a need to assess them more? Can teachers not just focus on providing feedback in discussions and written responses?
    Sorry if I'm missing the point. It would indeed be interesting to hear what others do with reading.
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  3. literacystars

    literacystars New commenter

    I've used old SATs style papers previously and these tend to be a fair estimation of what pupils can already do, as well as highlighting what they're struggling with to focus teaching a little more. I got them here: http://primarytools.co.uk/pages/pastpapers.html
  4. Robert_Frost

    Robert_Frost New commenter

    Our SEN introduced me to the Kirklees Reading test - done the right way, it's actually quite a lot of fun for them and lets you get a sense of their reading age.
  5. MissHallEnglish

    MissHallEnglish Occasional commenter Forum guide and community helper

    When our Y7's start with us they do an old SATs paper, a creative writing piece and a 50 word spelling test.
    From that point on - in addition to KS2 data - they're set by ability.

    Each half term we either work on reading or writing skills. By the end of the year students will have x3 formal reading assessments in their 'assessment books' and x3 formal writing assessments. All of these are in line with the new GCSE spec.

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