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Y6 Topic: Human Geography and Economic Activity - help needed :/

Discussion in 'Geography' started by pawarycy, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Year 6:

    human geography, including: types of settlement and land use, economic activity including trade links, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water

    Has anyone done this before?

    I would appreciate any help: planning, links, activities, scheme of work.......anything! [​IMG]


  2. helenmacdonald81

    helenmacdonald81 New commenter

    Hi Pav,
    Do you teach any Michael Morpurgo books in English? I have a unit of work which covers several of these topics through reading Kensuke's Kingdom. The children study the book in English and then further embed their learning through Geography. It includes lesson plans which cover the ideas of settlement and land use as well as energy, food, minerals and water.

    In addition to this I have a unit of work which compares two countries through Michael Morpurgo's books: 'The Kites are Flying!' and 'Shadow.' This is more complex work, certainly aimed at Year 6. It investigates the ideas of ethnicities and the impacts upon civilisation, the impacts of forced migration (very topical) and quality of life.

    Please see my premium uploads for more information!
  3. ActionAidSchoolsTeam

    ActionAidSchoolsTeam New commenter

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