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Y6 Stories with Flashbacks

Discussion in 'Primary' started by diva2, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of any good short strories which include a flashback, to help teach year 6 this technique?
  2. Anyone?
  3. Sorry can't really help, but couldn't help mentioning that I use Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film (recent version) and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to support this in Year 6 as part of Visual Literacy.
  4. Did you just use extracts from the book then show these parts of the film?
  5. if ur year 5 teacher has not done it then the short film -The piano by aidan gibbins is amazing -3 flashbacks!

    Try it its on the literacy framework site or google it!
  6. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    This has been posted before & people have suggested the following:

    Robert Swindells - 'The Nightmare Stairs'

    Michael Morpurgo - 'Farm Boy' and 'The Butterfly Lion'.

    Sharon Creech - 'Walk Two Moons'

    Betsy Byars - 'The Midnight Fox'

    Charlie Higson - ?Silver Fin? (p122-3 where the main character flashes back to the earliest memory of his uncle)

    Louis Sachar - ?Holes? - Story mostly told through flashbacks.

    Sonja Cheal - Marmalade (http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Marm.shtml)

    I haven't tried any myself yet but I hope you find this helpful.

    FAO Reb1Mc:
    Where/when is the flashback in Hary Potter? I can think of the one in Charlie & the Chocolate factory but not Harry Potter.

  7. There are loads in the new film
  8. Is the film a 12 or 15 - how do you show parts of the film to the kids??
  9. There are loads throughout Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The one we use in Harry Potter is not quite as good. It is when Hagrid is telling Harry about Voldermort killing his parents. As Hagrid describes what happened it is shown. I give the children a script of this and two act out flashback while others read the part. Then at the end of unit they write a story based on Harry Potter and include a flashback to Harry's childhood. Tend to base lessons on this film but then show the clips from Charlie and the Chocolate factory to make the flashback idea even clearer.

    Happy to share planning if you leave email address.
    (PS About scene 8 in Harry Potter)
  10. Could I be really cheeky and have a copy of your plans pleeaaasse. I am doing this unit next and have not got a clue
    Thanks in advance
  11. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is a PG. We only really use U or PG with kids. Have shown very short extract of a 15 once but got specific consent. For everything else we have sent a general letter saying we may use PG films and to see us if they object. We just start most clips from the beginning of a scene so we can skip to the appropriate scene or use the scene menu. Our laptop dvd software also has fast forward/rewind option.
  12. u can show clips of any film you like - u could show an 18 if you wanted as long as thepart you are showing is not the reason its an 18 if that makes sense.

    WhatI do is send home a letter saying I will be showing a clip of ................. it isa 15 but the section i will be showing does not have anything in that is harmful to children.

    If you would like to see the clip before I show it on Monday please dont hesitate to come and see me!

    Most wont come in - if one of 2 do then show them - but you are covered!

  13. I use the Time Machine film, but I suppose that's flash-forward.
  14. What you need to do is watch the film and note the time when you want to start the clip from then use the slider at the bottom to the point you want.

    You can even set booksmarks which is whati do
  15. fried. I have sent some stuff. Just beware that I did not plan this just for flashbacks, I just fitted flashbacks into it coz I thought it worked.
  16. Thank you so much for the plans they are great. Really appreciate them. Thanks again
  17. Not sure great is the word. Haven't really looked at them since teaching it last year and my planning often follows my thought processes -more often than not very disjointed. As long as you can understand them. x
  18. I used Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The scene in Dumbledore's office when he finds the pensieve is good and then compare with same scene in book. There is also another great example in HP and the Order of the Phoenix right at the end when Voldemort tries to get Harry and Harry has a flashback of all his happiest memories, it is literally about 6 seconds worth, but really powerful.

    I am half way through this unit and have since found other examples: 'Cool!' by Michael Morpurgo, The Incredibles (at the beginning). The children are really enjoying this, I hope you do too!

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