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Y6 Sats meetings for parents

Discussion in 'Primary' started by blacklistterri, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Has anyone done a recent y6 sats meet for parents as I have to do one at the end of September and am panicking as to what to say and waht to leave out!!!!! Any help gratefully received x
  2. Has anyone done a recent y6 sats meet for parents as I have to do one at the end of September and am panicking as to what to say and waht to leave out!!!!! Any help gratefully received x
  3. Joi

    Joi New commenter

    Hi. I dredged this out of the archives for you, no use, but might raise a smile...............

    Here you go. Just cut and paste:

    Dear Parents,

    Sadly it
    is true that within teaching some teachers perform better than others.
    In a typically ‘sledgehammer/nut’ attempt to weed out the tiny minority
    of weaker ones, the target-obsessed Government insist we all have to
    give our children tests every year whether our professional judgement
    tells us that they are ready or not. They pretend that the tests are
    testing children, but we all know that isn’t quite true.

    results of these tests allow the public (who are of course all EXPERTS
    as they all went to school once themselves) to make sweeping and
    ill-informed generalisations about the 'success’ or otherwise of our
    school compared to others.

    Of course, things like leadership,
    creativity, courtesy, friendship, lateral thinking and social skills
    are not at all important so these will not be tested.

    why not come to a meeting next week so we can show you the books we got
    from WH Smith to force little Johnny through, so that the statistics
    say he is ‘above average’ and we don’t get shut down by OFSTED (more
    experts) for ‘underperforming.’

    (Incidentally, statistics also prove that almost every child in England has more than the ‘average’ number of legs.)

    meeting will take place after school, which is a shame because as any
    Sun reader will tell you we normally knock of at 3pm sharp, so think
    yourself lucky.

    Please bring your own teabag as we have spent all our money on practice papers.

    Yours sincerely,

    Stressed Out Teacher.
    (Who only worked for about 12 hours today so is feeling a little guilty…)

    posted by Andrew Jeffery
  4. :D *huge grin on my face*
    I had a particularly good year last year with my Y6s and so now have been given the most challenging class to 'perform my magic' on. Same targets - lower ability class
    Needless to say this post made me smile!

  5. So true. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Joi

    Joi New commenter

    Yes, it really is spot-on!
    I see that I made a typo when crediting the original post, it's Jeffrey, sorry Andrew!!
  7. OMG - love it, love it, love it!
    Made me really chuckle - especially after the week I've had - if I hear once more 'we only got 4% level 5 writers last year' I will scream! Doesn't matter that I/we got 67% L5 maths - oh no!
    On a serious note there is a site which has a PowerPoint on it which is fab - can't remember the actual site. This one isn't it and not got PP on the PC I'm on but may be worth a look.
    Good luck

  8. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    LOL Thanks, for this Joi. It made me smile!

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