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Y6 SATS English and Maths combined

Discussion in 'Primary' started by uk2020, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Just trying to wokr out some data stuff.
    Bascially, if a child achieves a Level 4 in English (reading and writing combined) and a Level 3 in Maths, would their overall combined English and Maths level be a 4? Same for a child who achieved a 5 in English and a 4 in Maths, their overall combined level would be a 5?
  2. teacherman2

    teacherman2 New commenter

    It would depend on the sublevel and also, from recent LEA advice, the lower score would be the one gone with for example a 4c/3a would be a 3a.

    Hope useful.
  3. Thanks. I asked my children to take the 2009 test for guidance. Do you know where I could find the sublevels for the 2009 paper?
  4. teacherman2

    teacherman2 New commenter

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