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Y6 leaver's service songs... any to recommend?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Happyday*, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. We added a new song to the service last year and it was a big hit, so I was wondering if anyone had a good song to recommend? Something to get the audience teary eyed would be good...! Thank you for any ideas. x

  2. We added a new song to the service last year and it was a big hit, so I was wondering if anyone had a good song to recommend? Something to get the audience teary eyed would be good...! Thank you for any ideas. x

  3. 1stviolin

    1stviolin New commenter

    "We'll meet again...."
    "You'll never walk alone..."
    "So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, goodbye"

    Let's face it all of year 6 and their mums will be in tears anyway!

  4. There's some great cheesy numbers by Don Besig out there. 'Take These Wings' and 'Flying Free' are two favourites. You can search for them on musicroom.com

    This year, we're throwing in 'For Good' from Wicked and 'You Raise me Up' - it's a total cheese feast, not a dry eye in the house!!
  5. There's a fab song in Out of the Ark called This is our leavers song - sorry can't remember which book. Songs for every .......?

    It's v tear jerking.
  6. That's also in our service this year!! I'm pulling out all the stops as it's my Leavers' Service (as well as that of our much-loved Head)
  7. Am leaving this year too,
    I've chosen a song called Believe - I know that I'll be in tears by the end as the song talks about believing in yourself and u'll be able to do anything.
  8. Ooh! Where's that from? Might still have time to include it...
  9. Not got the book at home but am in work tomorrow so will find out for you.

    It's a fab song and children love singing it, even got them singing the harmonies.

  10. We have one which is a real tear jerker, but I don't know where we got it from.

    It is sung in two parts by those who are leaving and those who are staying. It is quite upbeat and has some football style clapping in it. It looks forward to the new challenges that the leavers will be facing and brings a tear to my eye everytime. >>>>Kleenex at the ready.<<<<
  11. We're probably, at time of writing, doing "Believe in Tomorrow" by Peter - er - Thing (Caswell? the book's in school at the moment and I'm not). It's in Hullabaloo Balay. It's one of those songs that sound like they're "out of" something - show, film, TV - but I couldn't find any source other than the composer's name in the book. It's also one of those songs which children tell me their uncle taught to them when they went to his house - but I've been told that about songs that I'd just written for them, so I treat that with a pinch of NaCl.

    Belinda, if you can remember what yours is called and where it's from, please could you let us know? It sounds interesting.
  12. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference Occasional commenter

    "We are the young" is a real winner, and expresses positive sentiments at leaving time!
  13. Great, thanks for the ideas everyone!
  14. If you have the RSCM Voice for Life Songbook there is a beautiful setting by Alexander L'Estrange and Joanna Forbes of the Celtic blessing "May the road rise to meet you".
  15. I'm sure they'll prefer smething fun to something smulchy and turgid.
  16. gizzy

    I'll have to raid the piano music and see what I can find. I did have the comment when I was doing music (not the Leavers song) with the current year 6 that they had "so much music to learn what with the end of year show, choir and now this". I told them that what I was getting them to sing was for our ears only and they could use the word sheet. Bless.
  17. If you REALLY want cheesy - Now is the hour when we must say goodbye - originally a Maori song, I think.

    There's a great song by Chris Hazell in "The Journey" called - Where do we go from here? which we'll be doing this year - but I don't think it's published - it was a local commission. If it is ever published, do get it, some fantastic somgs in there.

    At one of my kids schools they sang "end of the term, end of the year" which may be a bit young maybe, and I have no idea where it comes from.

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