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Y5 ASD/ADHD child causing me sleepless nights

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Lilybett, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Sounds awful!
    What are his parents like (supportive of you or not)? And do they know the full extent of what is happening? Have you had them into school?
    I agree about a comprehensive behaviour management system... Does he have an individualised system or is he following the whole class'? I've worked at schools before where BESD chn have their own chart on the wall with their own targets (and rewards available). Also where the child has a little booklet which contains a few behavioural targets and is filled in throughout the day to break it down (Reg / p1 / playtime....). So TAs, lunchtime supervisors, everybody he came into contact with all day was involved and there were no blanks or contradictions. The Head saw it once a week and parents were kept informed of what had been written in it - good or bad. (Of course, how effective this is is going to depend on how supportive the parents are.)
    I can TOTALLY understand why it would be tempting not to step in and save the kid's bacon, because your concerns are being ignored and the child is manipulating the system (they clearly do know what is expected of them if they choose to do it when the EP is observing). But like someone else said - IMAGINE it goes too far and somebody gets hurt - and you're liable. x

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