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Y4 reading comprehension advice

Discussion in 'Primary' started by llov1_04, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hi I'm going to be new to Year 4 in September and wanted any tips/advice/suggestions for reading comprehension activities that have worked well in year 4, or reading comprehension books, for use during guided reading.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. http://www.hopscotchbooks.com/guided-reading/reading-explorers-year-2/prod_333.html

    I have the year 2, 3, and 4 versions of these books.They are really useful and each text is differentiated 3 ways on the CD. It has a set of questions to go with each text and answers! These are really useful and I often ask my LSA to read with another group using them,


    Also I have these. LCP reading Cards. They are really fab and well made. There is a CD which has a copy of each card if you want to display them on the whiteboard. The cards are three different colours/ levels. My children read these as a reading rotation activity and they love them.

    Hope this helps x
  3. Comprehension success is a really good one to use, easy to photocopy and covers fiction and non fiction
  4. For quick daily 5 minute activites try the reading comprehension cards from 'Learning Resources' www.learningresources.co.uk All of the sets are good. I recommend the 'complete set', which has graded texts. Also there are sets relating to each of the reading AF's.
    They are quick and easy to use in a range of ways (early work, guided group, independently, homework).
    For longer texts you could try 'Schofield and Sims' reading comprehension workbooks. There are 4 different levels. Some of the questions are quite tricky, however our children enjoyed them and learnt a range of vocabulary they wouldn't usally be exposed to.

  5. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Which level would you say is aimed at which year group? Do you think the 1st one is aimed at Year 3?
  6. Yes it is supposed to be (for a child working at age related expectations). I think LA would find it hard, therefore you may need to use an alternative resource. This year I taught the LA year 6's and used book 3. If you call the company you can ask for a free sample copy of each of the books in order to determine which book would best fit your children, or decide if you like the resource or not. There are also sample pages on the website - go to KS2 - workbooks - KS2 reading comprehension.

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