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Y4 Optional reading SATS...too easy?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by MissBoom, May 16, 2011.

  1. MissBoom

    MissBoom New commenter

    After having a large number of children score extremely highly on this test, I was wondering if it was renowned for being too easy? I am new to Y4 but know how easy the Y3 SAT paper was!

    It was the Antarctica paper.

  2. We did it today and I thought it was quite simple - lots of 1 mark questions and tick boxes but then one of my fairly sensible girls only scored 20. Grrrr!
  3. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    I thought the same, majority of my class came out as level 4cs when they're really not, but on the other hand my children all did badly on the maths paper in comparison to other tests/teacher assessments etc
  4. Same here! Maths was tricky.
  5. debbie4us

    debbie4us New commenter

    Have taught Year 4 for 3 years now - yes easy paper. Last year had so many level 4s that a few of the more able sat the optional Year 5 paper to give a truer picture. Have done the paper today and only marked a few but I had two children who were 2B last year get level 4s already.
  6. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    I agree - lots able to get L4 last year. Doing ours tomorrow. Writing was a bit different last year as a lot of mine found it difficult to think of it as a day trip and so did not complete the task. Ensure you do the reading before you do the writing task as otherwise they will not have a lot of ideas for the writing!
  7. Oh gawd the writing. I had a page and a half of stream of conciousness about who would take the Fruit Shoots on the day trip to the Antarctic base one year!

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