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Y3 Rocks and Soils

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by petep, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. If anyone would like a free Rocks and Soils display, please email me and you can have one! This is suitable for Y3 and higher.

  2. Anyone want a free display?
  3. You have mail!
  4. Hi KathyBly, the email hasn't come through yet but I will send you one as soon as it does (and anyone else who wants one.) Don't miss out on a freebie - even if you're not teaching this until Spring/Summer.
  5. Hi I didn't get your email. If anyone would like a free display, you could contact me via email (as above) or leave your email on here. Thanks!
  6. You have mail
  7. I have this resources - kindly sent to me by petep - and I can tell you that it is BRILLIANT !!!
  8. Hi this is "petep" but I'm having problems with logging on and that made me sound like a man so my new ID is "vicson"! I have emailed everyone who has sent me a request for the Rocks and Soils display and this offer is still on if anyone else wants a freebie. I am going to have some more free resources from next week too (just a bit busy this week as you can all imagine!!!) If anyone needs anything, feel free to email me. I can make banners quicky (for free) and I'm happy to do discounts to anyone from the TES website, just email me to ask!! Thankyou x
  9. PS I forgot to say, you can email me requesting the Rocks and Soils display or leave your address on here.
  10. If you'd like this free display, I'm online now if you email me and I'll send it to you straight away. : )
  11. rek45

    rek45 New commenter

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