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Y2 Long Term Maths Planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hulamaru, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. hulamaru

    hulamaru New commenter

    Hi there, I'm currently writing our Y2s long term maths plan. Previously we have dipped into each area of maths each term, so we've covered the topic at least 3 -6 times over the year- usually lasting a week each time. However, I know that some schools teach for example Place value for 4 weeks, then addition and subtraction for 3 etc - so each area for a longer stint of time. I'm tempted to do this but I'm not sure which works better and if being Y2 if this wouldn't be advisable due to SATs in May... any ideas or pros/cons greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    We've been forced into "Maths Mastery" not being allowed to move on until they "have mastered it" which can take a month or 6 weeks for some topics.
    Nice idea but I am far from convinced. I would prefer 2 to max 3 weeks each time. 1 week doesn't feel enough for me, especially if you take any time out for testing, mental maths, homeworks etc etc.
    hulamaru likes this.
  3. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    @hulamaru have you had a look at the White Rose Maths planning? It blocks things for you but you could block them for shorter times if you wished, i'm sure. They have it organised so that you get a block of time in the summer term to 'revise' for SATs. we use it and find it great as it gives you ideas for all 3 of the strands of maths - fluency, reasoning and problem solving.
  4. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

  5. hulamaru

    hulamaru New commenter

    Fantastic thank you all! I'll have a look at those. I was just a little worried that I wouldn't have covered all areas by May but I'll have a look at those links and see how they do it. Thank you :)
  6. squirrel88

    squirrel88 New commenter

    I have adapted the Rising Stars frameworks but the format is the same - 2/3 weeks of covering a range of objectives before moving on. The objectives are repeated throughout the year and should (hopefully) avoid past horrors of some teachers skipping units of work because they don't feel comfortable teaching it.
  7. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    I am very interested in using White Rose planning and I love the idea of planning bigger blocks per topic (and I love their assessment packs too - even their spreadsheet for tracking data generated from their assessments). However I can't convince all of the leadership team - some of our teachers will be quite new to teaching and SLT feel the planning provided by WR requires too much leg work where other schemes appear to provide teachers with absolutely everything (I am talking about Maths No Problem! here, for example, or even Hamilton Trust). How have you got on with WR - has it been difficult to generate planning and resources based on what they provide? I might start a White Rose thread to get further feedback from everyone out there already using it.
    Thanks for any advice in the meantime

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