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Y2/3/4 maths medium term plans

Discussion in 'Primary' started by benjaminjames, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Hi if this is still available I would really appreciate a copy.
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Nicola120785

    Nicola120785 New commenter

  3. Hi There have you still got copies of these would very much like some, and get ideas. I know this was back in 2008 but just thought to give it a try Thanks alot
    email: whangabread@yahoo.co.nz
  4. I know this was almost a year ago, but I'd REALLY appreciate it! I have a mixed 3/4 class so this would be ideal!!! Many many many thanks!!!
  5. Hi
    I would love to see what you have done
    Becky. Thanks
  6. hi, that sounds really useful for me - I would love a copy too, and thanks very much!

  7. Could I have one too please if you still have it? Sounds amazing!
    Thank you!!
  8. Hi there, please send a copy. many thanks
  9. I will be teaching a mixed 2/3/4 so that would be great.
    Thank you,
  10. Oooo yes please if you wouldn't mind


    Thanks for sharing
  11. Hi, I have just got a job for September this year, y2,3,4, I am struggling with Chris Quigley planning and have to submit med term planning - has anyone done this for literacy, maths science? e-mail revere@manx.net
  12. Hi i know thisnpost is 5 years old but it would be worth the shot i am teaching 2/3&4 in september. athis would be handy if you could email it to me on tazneem4u@hotmail.com

    thank you x
  13. Hi, this is probably a long shot but i was wondering if you could email these plans to me also? My email is sarah.ennis93@hotmail.com

    Thank You!

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