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Y2/3/4 maths medium term plans

Discussion in 'Primary' started by benjaminjames, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. I have just spent some time copying and pasting maths new framework objectives for Y2, Y3 and Y4 from each block (and each strand within each block!) so they are lined up and easy to cross-reference on the same page. I've only got a single Y3 class next year but felt it might be useful to track across to find objectives for support and extension groups. It occurred to me that some people might appreciate these for mixed age classes as I have not seen any other such document available.

    If you'd like a copy, please leave your email address here.
  2. Hey, would love a copy - about to start as NQT with 4 year groups in same class!
  3. Please could I have a copy...I have a mixed year 2/3 class for my NQT year and wasn't really expecting it at all! laurenchard85@hotmail.com Thanks!
  4. I'm also getting a mixed Year 2/3 class so any help would be really appreciated!

  5. Yes please would love a copy! That is very kind of you! Alice x
  6. I would love a copy, just been told I've got top year 2's next year so this would be great!

  7. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    Yes please - just found out today got Y3/4 and have been frantically trawling internet - mainly in vain! Thank you so much.
  8. billyelliot

    billyelliot New commenter

  9. billyelliot

    billyelliot New commenter

    d'oh that should read MANY thanks!!!!
  10. I'd love a copy please :)
  11. hey is it too late to get a copy please? Ive been trying to put them together myself but it's taking forever!


  12. Have mixed age for 1st time. I would love a copy too if you wouldn't mind.
    Thank you


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