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Y12 mathematics timings

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by 1729, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. How easy are colleagues finding it to finish the content of C1, C2 and an application and find the time for past paper consolidation?
  2. How easy are colleagues finding it to finish the content of C1, C2 and an application and find the time for past paper consolidation?
  3. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Easy enough.
    How many lessons/how much time do you have a week/fortnight?
  4. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    It's a proper nightmare. We have no difficulty with A2 modules, but it has always been an issue completing the AS stuff in time. Part of the difficulty is the need to go gently with some of them in the first term - those who we know shouldn't be there but who meet the school's inadequate criteria for inclusion on the course. The other is the fact that our blasted school just gives us 4 lessons (4 hours) pw. Don't know of any other local schools which dip so low.
  5. Hi

    They get one 2 hour and one 1.5 hour lesson a week with me for Core and one 1.5 hour lesson per week for applications [with a different teacher]. I am an experienced A-level teacher and the group contains students of ability from A to E
  6. Yes, gently in the first term is essential [for the majority] but not helping with time issues. The exam boards could help by shifting C2 to the second week of June at the earliest. Scrapping January sittings is another blow!
  7. Good news!
    1) No January exams next year - more teaching time.
    2) Provisional exam timetables spead out the pain into mid June for AS modules.
    3) Govt rules insist on an increase in GLH, so you might be able to wangle an extra few minutes a week for teaching.
    cyolba, 4 hours a week for AS for the whole lot :)
  8. 4 hours per week here too. Was 4.5 but funding is down so time follows it.
  9. Same here. Just been told that we are down to 4 per week from 4.5 due to reduced funding. We deliberately chose to not use the January modules this year. Merged C1/C2 into an integrated programme and introduced a lot of extra basic skills at the beginning. Still a real push to get through so no idea how we will cope next year. If the Govt wanted increased GLH could they not have worked out that reducing funding would result in just the opposite. Biggest joke is that SLT have been on my case all year to improve the AS/A2 results
  10. sfire

    sfire New commenter

    We have 5 hours per week and it is not a problem. Time for past paper consolidation? Students do that themselves.
  11. primenumbers

    primenumbers New commenter

    In my last school we had 4x1 hour periods and always pressed for time. The current one have 6x45mins and I finished the syllabus weeks ago and have been doing past papers and exam practice since. Admittedly, I am more experienced but I think 5x1hour periods would be best or 9 hours over 2 weeks . 45 mins is a bit short for an A Level lesson.
  12. briceanus

    briceanus New commenter

    I've said this before, and will again.
    If students are only doing 4 hours a week on a course, then assuming they're doing 4 hours on each of their other 3 AS's, what on earth are they wasting the other 9ish hours a week on ?
    Even with 5 hours per subject they've got 5 hours free a week. I'm a HOD and don't get this.
    Note: Planning and schedules are brittle beasts; you need to plan assuming a good 2 weeks will be evapourated due to random things getting in the way.
  13. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the tip. We'd never thought of planning and schedules. Must try doing this next year...
  14. Core 1 was a toughie; we finished with a week to go before the Christmas break, but with Core 2 we finished the day before the Easter break and have been laughing since. I've been able to do large recap lessons on Trigonometric Identities and tomorrow on Logarithms. Expected grades to eclipse that of Core 1, and then we have a 2 week gap before the Decision exam which should see even better outcomes.
  15. We get 4 hours a week and we finished teaching core 1 before Christmas to get a couple of weeks of Core 2 in before Core 1 revision (as we know from experience how rushed it is.) This has affected our pass rate in Core 1 as the weaker students simply don't have time to adjust from GCSE. Having missed out things that we now have to assume students remember from GCSE like the sine and cosine rules (and we know they don't) we have just competed Core 2 and Stats 1.
    Actually removing January exams will probably help, so we won't be needing to do as much holiday and after college revision. What would help even more is if we didn't have students who sat maths GCSEs a year early, got a B and then did very little maths for a year.

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