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Y1 Teachers....Maths Units or Numbers and Patterns Doc?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Izzyapple, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am currently teaching F Stage but will be moving to Y1 in September and slowly getting my head around the National Curriculum and planning again.

    Maths-Shall I have a look at the unit plans A1, B1 etc... or shall i plan from the latest document numbers and patterns which I have been using in F Stage??

    I can't seem to find the unit plans anywhere..someone told me they had been archived but cannot seem to find them. Has anyone got a link?

    Just after a bit of advice really in order to get going...at the minute, i don't know where to start!


    Izzyapple x
  2. toty

    toty New commenter

    Any help?
  3. If you want unit plans, numbers and patterns doc and other maths stuff try www.ness.uk.com
  4. This is the link to the NS archive (if it doesn't work then type National Strategy into google and select education.gov link, then click on archive)

    I too will be moving up with my class from R to Y1 and trying to figure out classroom layout and necessary displays in my small space. Luckily, we will have communal access to role play, sand/water as a year 1 team but any ideas and advice you find would be appreciated!
    hope this helps!

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