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Y1 Report statements

Discussion in 'Primary' started by CarrieV, May 8, 2011.

  1. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I just tend to consider the child I am writing about, say what they are good at and what they need to work on for each area of the subject-so in English for reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, speaking and listening etc and then a general comment on their progress over the year, expectation for next and targets for English, Math and personal. We don't use any "package" as I feel I know each child better than any programme could!
  2. Thanks CarrieV, that sounds pretty much like what we have been asked to write this year. I suppose I am just finding it diffidult to get into the flow. When you say what the child id good at, do you use anything as a criteria eg end of year expectations, app etc?
  3. I tend to write myself an example for each ability group in terms of reading, writing, maths and science, and then individualise it to the child. I use a mixture of APP, level descriptors, APP etc. but generally just what I know about what that group of children can do. For other subjects I tend to write 1 or 2 examples and then individualise that. The teachers comments at the end are all individual to the child.
    I find it takes me ages to write the statements, but then doesn't take as long with writing the actual report as the statements just need tailoring to the child,
  4. erialcrobo

    erialcrobo New commenter

    Thanks guys, that really helps! These are really stressing me out at the minute!
  5. Yes, I second that!!!!!! I hate this time of the year, there is just so much to do!
    Thank you
  6. OperaDiva made a great bank of all sorts of comments for the different areas, a good place to start for some inspiration. It is in the resource bank I think.

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