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Y1 phonics test - how did yours get on?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by millymoodle, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. In our y1 class around 60% 'passed'. Although higher than the pilot I suspect it will not be good enough. How did yours do?
    Where do we find the info on how to report the results? I'm sure this info must be in a blindingly obvious place but.....

  2. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    not good... good readers "failed" so we are doing a reading age test and reporting their reading age alongside the result. Some of my failures (6 year old children!) have a reading age of 8years +! Shame on you Gove...
  3. southernteacher

    southernteacher New commenter

    Rubbish test. One of our most able readers (2A in Year 2 reading test) got less than 32. Another who can't understand anything of what he has read got 38. I shall do as above and gather other evidence to record. ,
  4. Sums it up really
  5. we had 42% reach benchmark but like many others found that some more able readers didn't reach it while some poorer readers took their time and were very methodical and passed.
    Would love to know how people are reporting to parents. I do not feel comfortable telling 58% of parents that their child failed. I think it might be better to report alongside other reading data and give info on other areas of reading too. Parents need to hear a more balanced comment than passes or failed.

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