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Y1 music - toys

Discussion in 'Music' started by clear_air, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter


    i've been given the job of teaching music to a Y1 class this year (much excitement), but I have never actually taught infants before...am just looking for a bit of reassurance I suppose.

    the topic is toys, so I'm thinking along the lines of rhythms based on toys (doll, teddy, racing car - then something with 4 syllables), doing some listening games, same and different musical sound etc - and then songs....I can rewrite old macdonald to be about toys - ideally I would like another sky that is nice and simple....

    i was also wondering about a class composition around a picture (I was thinking santa's workshop) - or do you think this is more a ks2 thing? (And how will I do a cover and reveal with an iwb? I'll have to see if they have a visualiser...)

    also, I thought we could listen to a bit of the nutcracker - with very little ones I would get them to move to the music - would you still want to be doing this with Y1? How would you get them to respond?

    just thinking aloud, really. Any comments/advice gratefully received!
  2. FCarpenter

    FCarpenter New commenter

    All of the above! Y1 can do quite a lot! Will definitely enjoy the Nutcracker and composing their own pieces around toys. You could give them a selection of toys and ask them to make some music to describe the movement and sounds of the toy if it could come to life eg. a little car, a top, a dancing teddy, a baby toy with lots of different sounds on it etc. Things like that. I'd say in no more than groups of 3. Listen to tunes from old musical boxes too. etc etc. There are lots of ideas around toys.
  3. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Oooh, that's great, thanks. I've been perusing my old books for inspiration - I'm thinking along the lines of the toy maker's workshop...so that would be a great starting point. I also thought I might show them a picture and tell a little story..., as well as listening and rhythm activities that go throughout, and a couple of songs. I did wonder about the teddy bear's picnic, but that might be a bit ambitious...maybe just the first bit!!!

    I thought, miss polly had a dolly (with actions and signs, leading to simple accompaniment) - there is a majority of children with eal, so I am really keen to tap into rich nursery rhyme heritage (leading to rhythms and patterns of speech etc etc), oh and signing too.

    It's really nice to be doing music again! I get a bit bored with group reading and read write inc constantly!

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