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XR is fascinating.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by SEBREGIS, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    But civil disorder changing the UK will not have a significant impact on the global changes that are needed.
    It's like Brexit: we've had posters wanting full, no-deal Brexit so that they can watch the disaster unfold for those who voted leave while knowing that their own self-sufficiency will ease the pain. I am almost in a similar camp for AGW disaster. I think the top guns need to get their act together for humanity but I think they will threaten and buy their way out of trouble like the top guns of Brexit.
  2. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    And many here will do and have done the same. Many won't need to given their favourable situation and a hell of a lot won't have the necessary attitudes, personalities and skills to save them from the tip.
  3. Maths_Shed

    Maths_Shed Occasional commenter

    We all consume an unnecessary amount of resources, campaigning on the internet uses resources but is necessary as this problem must be addressed by governments across the world.

    As for the rubbish be very careful in what you believe, the press will nail XR at every opportunity. Even if it was another group that made the mess and XR cleaned up, the press would blame them.
  4. Maths_Shed

    Maths_Shed Occasional commenter

    I would be very interested to see a graph with the acceleration of CO2 emissions and the spread of the internet. It has allowed us to see all these things to visit or buy with ease.
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  5. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    So in response to the dilemma what is to be done and how does this protest make a difference to them?
  6. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Unfortunately campaigning is like marketing and should be targeted for best effect unless the mass of society are it's target audience, which it is clear from what you say it is not. Thus if government is are their target audience, they really ought to gather and disseminate their information in a more sensible and resource effective manner, their lack of foresight leaves me thinking its an excuse for a London away day for people who might do well to reconsider their approach.

    I agree that climate change needs to be addressed but by all, including phone and tech users who forget about the burning that goes on in Nigeria to recover metals from their used devices as they get all preachy to other people... I've referenced this before... No one is without blame so finger pointing and preaching to others (often the converted) isn't as virtuous as it might appear.
  7. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    I don't know. I was about to say that we should stop the importation of fruit and vegetables not grown in this country. But that would have side-effects for those in other exporting industries. We need to reduce CO2 emissions despite what @lexus300 reports from denier land. Greening in the arctic is not necessarily a good thing and greening generally is not bound to continue as CO2 levels rise. Governments will not accept people doing less well except when the people in the governments can do better. Economics is conjecture based on what might happen if we all acted as though we are controlled by algorithms.
  8. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    The oddest thing I see about XR is that so many seem to be upset by the fact that some of them are middle class (though I have not seen a break-down of class membership anywhere). In fact everyone I've seen who has used this as a pejorative is most probably middle class themselves. So what are they saying? "They are like me and so should be ignored"?

    It also raises the question of which is the "correct" class to belong to when involved in a protest? Working class? that doesn't work well for tube drivers who get reviled when they protest by going on strike, or for bin men either. The ruling classes don't need to protest, as they have a direct link to the decision makers or are decision makers themselves.

    Some of the protesters have been criticized because they don't work, they are students or retired for instance. Would it be better if they were seen to take holiday time to protest? Or maybe just not go to work (and face losing their jobs), would this make them acceptable to those who criticize?

    And over 1,000 arrested, that seems an awful lot, only 95 were charged after the Battle of Orgreave and then their cases were dropped.

    The UK is one of the countries that is doing the most about climate change as it is, I read something earlier this week about how lessons are being learnt and support rallied to take the protests to other countries especially the USA and Australia where far less is being done.
  9. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    Our government could improve subsidies to change to better insulation and energy sources but nuclear weapons and HS2 or more important for the self-regard of our governors.
    lexus300 likes this.
  10. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    Surely hs2 is useful in reducing polluting road traffic?
  11. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    AGW is conjecture based on pseudo-science.
  12. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    As would taking heavy freight off the road and putting it back on the railways.
  13. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    You think it will reduce road traffic? Is it the only solution to reducing, or even slowing the increase in, road traffic? Is it a better solution than my suggestions?
  14. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    What were your suggestions?
  15. Teslasmate

    Teslasmate Occasional commenter

    Alternatively, homo sapiens will wipe itself out. Evolution may then pop up a new intelligent species that is intelligent enough not to auto destruct. Life goes on.
    Even if it doesn't, there are billions of worlds out there. We happen to be one twig on the tree of life on one rock in one solar system. Remember, few things matter at all and nothing matters much.
    hplovegame48 and needabreak like this.
  16. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    What would be painful?

    There is no other option now. We have to do the right thing. That will help bring others along and put pressure on them.

    Our per capita emissions are still well over levels required to meet a 1.5 / 2 degree warming scenario
    and large reductions are still required to meet even the 2050 target of an 80% reduction from 1970 levels.

    "We" should have listened years ago and made a start.
  17. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    So cheer up, everyone.
  18. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    The problem with the environment cannot be solved within the present system where profit is the overriding concern. Wiithout a radical overhaul of the system and society, the climate issue cannot be tacked effectively.

    Anything else is head in the sand pissing into the wind stuff.
    Teslasmate likes this.
  19. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    You'd have to enforce an overhaul on every individuals profit motive because it's clear that many humans put themselves first and even those altruistic among us only thereafter look to the needs of others, its human nature... Or nurture either way it's across the board and has been pretty much since the beginning.
  20. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    ...and for my next trick! :D
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