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X-factor Christmas that Rocks

Discussion in 'Music' started by danster, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. danster

    danster New commenter

    Help! Has anyone else signed up this?? I think I've been totally scammed & let the children down massively. Digging online it seems this isn't a geniune event - please -does anyone have any more info??
  2. I replied initially, but had a gut feeling that something wasn't quite right. When I researched the address, it appears to be a building that houses high end PO boxes and companies that don't stay there for long. There's nothing about it at the Excel on the website, though I haven't rung them. I don't think we'll be going forward with it just in case. If it is genuine, it'll be a shame, but I don't think it's worth the risk.
  3. Thanks for the thread - that confirms it for me!
  4. I too had sent out letters to our children who were very excited. I phoned the Excel who confirmed there was an event booked, They gave me a number and I spoke to the promoter. In short, it is a production company who can promise 2 or 3 finalists to sing on the day. They will not be any of the top three. X Factor and ITV have said the event is nothing to do with them. So it appears to be a promo company/individual getting hundreds of children and parents to go along at £10 a ticket to see 3 failed singers and join in with 3 Christmas songs. A good money maker for them but not really the event it was made out to be. The words x factor have vanished from the e-mail address that we first had and I understand Trading Standards (Essex and Suffolk) are both investigating. Needless to say we have pulled out.
  5. musicheart

    musicheart New commenter

    I had also signed up for this, believing my school was one of only 24 schools 'chosen'. It appears the Excel have had hundreds of calls about it, which made me question whether there were really only 24 schools involved!

    We've pulled out.
  6. It sounds decidedly ropey. The contracts that contestants have to sign are pretty restricting and I would be very surprised if they would be released from the contract in time for this event to even happen ( I have a friend who was a finalist and I know how tight the conditions were). If ITV are not involved then it may be a massive problem for the production company to access any finalists at all.
  7. I think it may have been pulled completely, I can't find the event listed on the Excel site anywhere.
  8. We have discovered today it is a scam and trading standards are looking into it. It has nothing to do with x factor.

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