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WWII role play area - year 6

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mes, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. mes


    Our new Head is very keen on introducing role play areas in all the classrooms so am after some ideas for a WWII themed corner.I teach year6. Have thought about an Anderson shelter or a trench but can't think how to go about it effectively.Any ideas for construction or places where I could see pics for inspiration?

    Mes x
  2. mes


    Our new Head is very keen on introducing role play areas in all the classrooms so am after some ideas for a WWII themed corner.I teach year6. Have thought about an Anderson shelter or a trench but can't think how to go about it effectively.Any ideas for construction or places where I could see pics for inspiration?

    Mes x
  3. not sure how this would be done but know teachers have done it. Other options would be 1930's living room there are threads on here re this and also how about one of those rooms with maps where they moved little areoplanes around with long sticks - sorry for life of me cant think of a technical name.
    On creative yahoo group there are some examples of scenario cards which i think will be way forward for KS2 role play
  4. Blue rose, have you got a link for the yahoo creative group - wouldn't mind joining that - sounds interesting.
  5. Thanks -will do that now!
  6. I agree with Bluerose - a 1930s sitting room has lots of potential.
    You could have a range of activities throughout the topic - perhaps a different focus every couple of weeks:

    The start of the war & listen to Chamberlain's speech
    Make do and Mend theme - washing line of clothes /advice leaflets
    WW2 music and songs to learn and listen to
    Propaganda posters/adverts/newspapers of the time
    Letters from evacuees on the mantlepiece - they could write their own
    An old suitcase - for them to look at the contents/ what would they pack?
    Gas mask box hanging up - make their own
    Morrison shelter in the room for air raids - download the siren from a website

    The literacy links are great for WW2 and a role play area will make them even better!
  7. Recipe books and task to produce a menu for family for week using rations?
  8. following the ration idea with a ready steady war time cook. You could even do you your own dig for victory and grow your own veg in school if you have the space.(not quite a role play area i know)
  9. A skipping rope - write their own WW2 Nursery Rhymes to skip to.

    Make a WW2 radio advert / jingle - link to reuse/repair/recycle theme.

    Old fashioned toys of the time in the corner - could research what they played with

    Make a set of interview questions -invite a visitor with memories of WW2 to sit in the armchair in your role play corner.

    The list is endless!

    Cherryfield :0)

  10. did a bit of searching on here re anderson shelters it comes up loads found link to model ones plus descriptions of made role play areas


    2 | Posted by: Poppychick at 10 Sep 2006 14:02

    Hi actually it was a colleague! I can't take the credit.

    She used corrugated cardboard roll type stuff to make the outside put a few chairs inside and a shelf with some writing stuff on it. From memory she had war poems in there which the class had studied. Think she had writing formats for war diaries and letters home. The shelter was painted brown and covered in that leafy stuff that the army use like for camoflague (sp)?? Will try and find out more tomorrow.

    Oh she had made some old looking paper to write on you know with tea and yellowed it under the grill!


    3 | Posted by: Poppychick at 10 Sep 2006 14:03

    I think there were hats in there too like building site ones but painted more suitable colour like brown / black.
    19 | Posted by: daffodilval at 25 Jul 2006 22:38

    Hi george
    I made our Anderson shelter by pushing 2 tables together up a corner, covered them with skrewed up fabric, newspaper etc (to make a dome shape on top) then placed corrugated card over the top and down the sides, using the table legs to secure it down. I then painted it grey, placed some of that atificial grass on the top.
    Inside there were comics, board games, books and torches.
    I downloaded a air-raid siren and when played, the kids made a dash for it in the shelter,
    They loved it although i'm sure health and safty would have something to say, ha ha

    6 | Posted by: flamenco at 30 Jun 2006 21:51

    Heard once of a teacher doing WWII who dug an Anderson shelter into the school grounds (yes pre Nat Curr) with the kids.

    Came back after half term - all the churned up muddy bits covered in poppies.

    Some impact that!
    | Posted by: purplecat at 11 Aug 2005 09:03

    My class loved this last term. The was huge competition to be able to use it and it was a great reward for good behaviour and great work.

    I made it in the corner of my classroom and then used a large cardboard box (the type interactive whiteboards come in) to create two sides. A door was cut into it. The roof was created by corregated cardboard in an arch (this meant that it was very dark inside although this didin;t seem to bother the children) My TA (who was very artisitc) then painted the shelter and even created some vegetables growing on the roof.

    Inside the shelter were stage blocks (rectangular ones) to create seating and a table (very squashed but only added to the realism) also draughts and dominoes for the childrento play with plus gas masks and tin hats, and other resources we had in school.

    I used to let about four children in at a time, they would be rather squashed inside but they didn;t seem to mind. It was definately very popular and the head was even to be found in their once playing draughts with the children!! They thought this was great.

    | Posted by: Fredbear at 11 Aug 2005 09:33

    Made an Anderson shelter with my Yr6 last year too - actually all I did was provide materials and they built as put of our DT week. Lots of large corrugated card taped into large corner under stairs in corridor, then covered the top with camouflage netting (bought from army surplus store). Painted card in metallic paint and then chn added furniture inside.
    Spent summer term using it as a work base or quiet time area and all other years wanted to join them too. Managed to get all 26 chn inside when we had a mock air raid siren go off!!! The most brilliant thing was knowing the chn had built it themselves. This year I'm aiming to construct some kind of pirate ship for Year 5, not sure how yet...!

  11. mes


    Thanks for all the great suggestions - plenty for me to think about during the holidays!
    Mes x
  12. Hi

    I had an Anderson shelter...just the front made out of garden arch and corrugated plastic sprayed grey with sand bags at the front. Inside I had artefacts photos, a tape player with interviews on. I also had scenario cards. we used as a back drop for filmimg news reports on the blitz among other things.

  13. Our Y6 are doing WW2 and are going to use my FS garden are 4 raised beds- to 'dig for victory'I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do- great fun and I won't need to look after it for a while!!
    Wonder if they could keep a pig!!!
  14. Hiya
    I had a fab anderson shelter role play area in my year 6 class his term and HMI/OFsted loved it. I used it to stimulate writing/ revision for SATs. i built one side out of mdf and fastetened it to the wall, then got corrugated card covred in foil and arched it for the roof, attaching it at the other side on the wall. I got a project loan of artefacts, old photos, put two laptops in there for research plus a tape recorder of music from the era. I also put in digital voice recorders and kids went in in role and recorded oral diaries in character. If u want pics I can send u some via email.
  15. mes


  16. Wow! This thread is so exciting- i'm in the process of constructing an Anderson shelter and this has given me so much to think about!!!

    I would love to see some photos is you could send them to me too?
    Many thanks lukietom.

  17. If poss could you send me some photos too.


    Thx I will put it to my dt co-ord to make a full size one instead of the little models we made last year.

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