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WW2 Blitz

Discussion in 'History' started by crikcrok, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. crikcrok

    crikcrok New commenter

    Context: Year 6 class learning about a significant event in British history after 1066
    Topic: Battle of Britain

    Has only one taught this topic?

    There is a very good documentary of the Blitz (aired in Sept 2015). It's available on You Tube called the Blitz: London's Firestorm. But is age 10/11 too young to know that some people lost members of their family?
    There is an eye witness account from Winnie and Fred, who were children during the Blitz, it really brings it to life using actors and re-enactments. Is it suitable?

  2. varcolac

    varcolac Occasional commenter

    Given that Year 7 come in every year screaming for blood at the prospect of studying the Battle of Hastings ("There's an arrow in his face! Sick!"), I'd say kids a year younger are more than capable of knowing that death is a thing which happens.

    One of my Year 13s said to me last week that History was "all blood and death, when you get down to it." Apart from brief mentions of the value of economic and cultural history, I couldn't really argue with that, especially at Key Stage 3.
  3. crikcrok

    crikcrok New commenter

    Thanks Varcolac,

    True! They love horrible histories which is full of gory details.
    I wondered if they felt very detatched from the people who lived beyond living memory.
    But they could have grandparents who've grown up during WW2. The eyewitness interview's are a quite emotional.

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