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WW1 Topic With P6 Kids

Discussion in 'History' started by SAGITTARIUS100, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Hi can anyone give me any advice / direction with a WW1 Topic that I hope to tackle in the coming weeks? Thanks
  2. Hi can anyone give me any advice / direction with a WW1 Topic that I hope to tackle in the coming weeks? Thanks
  3. It depends on where you want to go.
    An important thing to remember with WW1 as far as Britain and the British Empire is concerned is that Britain entered WW1 because of the guarantee that she had given to safeguard the neutraility of Belgium. The first shots and the last shots fired by British and British Empire troops in August 1914 and on the 11th, November 1918 were within 50 yards of each other on the same road outside Mons. The first and the last British and British Empire casualties of WW1 are both buried just across the same path in St.Symphorien war cemetery in Belgium.
    The initial German aim was to gain a swift victory in the West against France by attacking through Belgium, then once this had been achieved turn East and deal with Russia which though it had a larger army than France would take much longer than France to mobilise her forces.
    All through WW1 one of the main reasons for the British and the French attacks was to remove the Germans from the land they had occupied in Belgium and France. It became a war of attrition as the Germans dug as their main aim for much of the war was to hold the ground they had taken so they used defence in depth with deep dug outs, many layers of barbed wire in front of their defences and large concrete pillboxes many of which almost 100 years later can still be seen
    An interesting way of possibly looking at this topic could be to ask if any of your group had relatives who were killed in WW1 and if so trace where they are buried or commemorated via the Commonwealth War Graves Commissision Debt of Honour website.
    Hope this is of use to you.

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