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WW1 Day

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by avalonfr, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. avalonfr

    avalonfr New commenter

    I have to plan 4 x 1 hour sessions for both KS2 and KS3 pupils for our WW1 Commemoration Day in November.

    As a French teacher, I am looking for ideas for appropriate resources. Can anyone help, please?
  2. agreenmouse

    agreenmouse Occasional commenter

  3. RCMJ

    RCMJ New commenter

    Could you try a card matching exercise or Pelmanism game featuring the original names of villages / features and the anglicised names given them by the squaddies? Ypres / Wipers, Beaulieu, Beauchamp. Mouquet Farm becoming Moo Cow Farm, Auchonvillers turning into Ocean Villas, and dozens of other: Hoop Lane, White Sheet, Plug Street. I'm sure there were plenty of other anglicised mutations for other areas of military interest (food, women and drink spring to mind) that might be fun to do but have a genuine educational benefit in terms of accent.

    If it's something you wanted to pursue, Major & Mrs Holt's "Battlefield Guide to the Somme" would be an excellent resource for this, as would the Middlebrooks' "The Somme Battlefields" and Malcolm Brown's "The Imperial War Museum Book of the Somme".

    Good luck!

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